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    Default Top10 week 2. Interview

    Thank you! And I will check..

    kova741 from !!CS!!, International

    Like i said before Croatian swingers with me in charge won first international qualification 2010/2011.

    After that we went on first finals, our WW holder was second defender.
    At that time nobody knew much about Russians and as far i can see they are at the throne till now.
    ************/ya66kxf6 (for some reason tiny urls is't allowed. I have to solve that tomorrow. The real link was too long)
    Till this year we were passing this tournament and now we are building new team.
    Plan was to contact several clan leaders and make a strong team so far it is going good.
    As far i can see 3time winner Greeks are not soo happy with us being here.
    Think it was first 0 pop cropper

    Its hard to tell anything smart about this server, server is still young and like i said this team dont have much experiece playing together, also it summer time...and Croatia is known as one of top summer destination-so time will show
    We are settled on +- so probably our top enemies are going to be Greeks
    Its still early to talk about friends for final but one thing i can say that wont be Russians we like to go against odds



    Mermi got two gold medals and also wants to add: We are coming for Wonder of World in finals in this year
    We came here this year for enough quota in our group. We will play for Wow in the finals.

    If I counted right there are 3 players from ~SS~ om the raiders list and two of them are gauls.


    After a slow start Arabia is catching up.


    Duck was close to best raider all servers this week.



    I wonder why Tesla stopped raiding this evening.He wasn't banned.

    Numbers on attacker and deffer is still too high compared with other servers.


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    Quote Originally Posted by HF Team View Post
    Wow Safiren, great work You must have put a lot of work into this.

    We make a bit similar magazine about group C in here:
    Of course it is nowewhere near the quality of The Croner...

    WOW Huragan&FTR! "Telenika" in english is professional magazine!
    I'm waiting for next edition on Tuesday.
    Safiren thanks for Top10 statistics!
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    About the Tournament on other forums

    Interviews from Group D France, made by Lyli. Many have a button for English translation.
    Thank you very much for doing this interviews and sharing them!

    Poland plays on Turkey qualification and they have a really nice magazin (the link again if you missed it: and translated to English too! A lot of work and nice graphics.

    They wanted to post it here on com forum but met some problems. I hope we will see more from them!

    Building plans

    Have you read the post about building plans?

    I have written about this twice before, that the building plans spawns is similar on all qualification servers and as the Russians have noticed on the Final too. Their knowledge about the game mechanics was basic for their victory last Final. When I saw the map I thought they will take most of the plans, I never checked details so I was surprised when they took them all. Very well organized!

    Map section & Coordinates

    North West*= (-18|30) (-35|4) (-45|37)

    South West*= (-26|-25) (-10|-57) (-55| -20)

    North East*= (33|12) (12|33) (10|56) (55|20)

    South East*= (30|-20) (4|-35) (44|-37)

    I know there are maps on artefacts spawning too. Someone that have a fresh one? Mine are quite old.

    Server data

    Templar have updated the info:

    *Server Tournament Qualifiers
    ...*Artefacts Release:*01.08.2017
    ...*Construction Plans Release:*20.09.2017

    And so I believe I have reached the end of my “Remember to post” list for the moment. Sorry if it’s a bit late!
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