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    Quote Originally Posted by Safiren View Post
    It's Swenglish =) Teutons is germans in my language.
    oh, ok.

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    Default Registered 7th day

    So.. last counting for the first week done. Los Tupamaros was closest in his prediction:
    1..- 72.000
    2.- 25.000
    3.- 13.000

    The second villages is higher then in my table. Iíve only counted up to rank 2000. A friend solved how to extract the number from the map.sql file but then I had have to wait until next day and I am a bit impatient ^^

    Next is to begin working with maps but the allys have to be more stabilized before itís possible to manage.

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    Default Top10 all servers

    What happened on the server the first week? Let’s take a look on the players Top10.

    Top10 Russia

    The account Duck, from the Swedish ally Def&Dest, on the Russian qualification, was the one that did best and got the highest medals. Congrats! They lost their Top10 climber the last hours but it’s nice done though.

    Safiren : 1. You are Top raider, Top Climber and Top Deffer the first week, a smaller medal for attacking too (if it holds to midnight) Congrats How did you accomplished this?

    2. Tell us about your account. Have you played Tournament before? How many are you? Where are you from? Age/gender? What do you do when you’re not playing Travian?

    3. Anything you wants to say to the other players in Tournament?

    Hampus: 1. I would like to say through hard work and dedication, but that would really only account for the raiders medal as that is the one we have been focusing on. The other medals have just come to us naturally as we play and have a bit more resources to play with than the average non-farmer I guess. I personally do believe that being nr.1 in population has helped with our defensive points quite a lot, since people who intend to delete seems to attack the nr.1 ranked account (in population)!

    2. No, this is our first tournament, as we were told that the competition and quality of players on this server is a lot higher than on normal servers we figured it would be fun trying!
    We are currently 6 people on the account, three based in Europe and three based in Asia/Oceania. I am not entirely aware of all our ages, but I do know that we are males! Outside of Travian we have somewhat normal lives, ranging from students to people with jobs. But since we are 6 people on the account, we can actually play Travian and still have somewhat social lives for once, which is lovely!

    3. No not really. As the server is still fairly new and we have not really talked to people yet, there are no foes to make snide remarks at yet!

    Top10 International

    Last year we had the Arabs, this year we have the Turks. All this use of bots and other ways to cheat is most regrettable. Servers will again be closed early to stop multies. The high points isn’t reliable. The points are bought. Yes you heard me right.. It’s no honor in this.

    I have some smaller reports that is worth a smile. The first catas visited a friend of mine:

    I also had some fun. That I’m not playing don’t mean I don’t take care of myself:

    Top10 Arabia

    For some reason the climbing list is closed the first week.

    Top10 Germany

    Top10 Turkey

    Turkey has such potential and we expect much of you in the Final, so why not stop this behavior and earn some real respect for your fighting spirit?

    Top10 France

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    Default 3rd village

    First to 3rd village

    International: Believer QuT
    Arabia: Omaross ND
    Russia: Arson and Duck
    Turkey: CHM and AyyAş&KeDi
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    Its laughable that the botters lose, even with all their cheats.

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    Default Reports, interview and updates

    To much happened irl this week, but better late then never.

    Let's begin with registered players after the first week. The final numbers, as I thought second villages was higher that I counted but I only counted up to rank 2000. Romans is a bit lower but that depends on deleted accounts.

    You can read about the winners here

    - Total registered across all domains = 78,910

    - Registered Romans across all domains = 27,202

    - 2nd village in 1 week across all domains = 10,485

    I got report from France that Lilith from QOC was first with 3rd village, I don't know who was first on Germany.

    Reports from Vietnam, International.

    I got this two reports from them. They wondered if this might be the first zeroed villages on the server.

    Reports from Mermi, Maraz, International

    Mermi had fun with his hero.

    Interview with Knoll ~SS~ International

    Safiren : Knoll was rank 10 raider last week. Can you tell me more about that?
    Knoll; The only none teuton in top 10 raider yes. We did that With 400 phalanx and 300 TT. But there was 2 turks on top attacker who both cheated, one got banned and unbanned.
    Safiren : I guess both men and horses need new shoes, must have been a lot of running
    Knoll: yes, and our hero: 8. Knoll 18 9012, Ratkiller.
    Safiren : Did you have to revive him many times?
    Knoll: No, Ointments. Oil money.
    Safiren :
    Knoll: We used 400 ointments first couple of days and we used 600 Cages.
    Safiren: Then you must have a nice zoo now?
    Knoll: yea we are safe in both 15c and spawn
    Safiren: how much gold did you use?
    Knoll: Lol, 3-4k. We can settle forth city but we would rather get 15c up.
    Safiren: did you only raid oasis the whole week?
    Knoll: Nope, raided with 300 tt in spawn as well, mikrofarm mostly. Only remember one large farm that was 50k ress.

    Safiren: Your ally is in SW. Have you played together before in earlier Tournaments?
    Knoll: Some of us have played tournament before but most of us have just finished on a nox 3x round.
    I have not really played tournament but I have played comx a few rounds as ww holder and winner etc. We have played together but not on tournament.
    Safiren o you know the other players in your ally?
    Knoll: the ones from our team yes but we merged. One friend who was in our ally had another team who he knew. We are one now sticking together vs the turk cheaters.
    Safiren: I haven’t looked closer on the map yet, Do you have Turks in SW too?
    Knoll: some of the rank 1 ally are here, they are all over the place. The allies are not organised. They are in all 4 quads i believe and many wings
    Safiren: yes, I’m waiting for the allys to merge as you have done, it will be easier to make maps then.
    Knoll: I dont know what to think yet. We are doing pretty well in ally raiders and we don’t have that many raiders and we just merged this week.
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    we were faster

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    Thank you, but you need a timestamp to prove it
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