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Thread: WW Plans & Spawn Village s

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    Lightbulb WW Plans & Spawn Village s

    1. WW Building Plan Spawn Locations
    Tournament finals 2016 was big mess for all but one alliance. Russians took all WW Building plans. It was indeed nice strategy but aftermath of this is going to be bad for Travian. Lots of heavy golders quitting now and word is that they are not coming back 2017 tournament. All players who played with their alliance in hope to build WW and win were devastated.
    What we need to do
    Scatter WW Plans across whole quad such that there will be plans starting from 0|0 to +/- 200|200.
    This will achieve 2 things.
    1. Every quad will be able to get plans and build their WW. With multiple WW racing each other, end game will be interesting.
    2. Having Plans spawned at inner coordinates, other players who are not at center can also help and try at WW plan capture. Thus More fun for everyone.

    2. Spawn Village
    Start game progress is very slow from average players point of view. Before they try to develop themselves, they get raided. They can't even shift to other location due to lack of resources. Only option left is quitting.

    Everyone should get spawn village with all level 10 fields or 1-2 level 10 field of each type.

    This will enable small players to defend themselves or to move to other area.
    Raiders will get better chance at looting more resources.
    This is make things a little more interesting for everyone.

    I am hoping a positive reply from Templar Knight & Travian guys.
    What do you think. Please support.

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    I am adding your post to my weekly report.

    Solid ideas

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