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    Hello everyone,
    I personally love this game. It involves skill, patience, strategy and teamwork. However, that being said the game is also on a never ending decline as of now. There might be many reasons for such a consequence. Two of the main reasons I could think of are the game being "Pay to Win" and "Only the best make it out in the start"

    Lets discuss the first one:
    Gold has always played a very important role in this game. But over the last few years it has increased to amounts where you just have to be rich to get the perfect start, due to the introduction of auctions. Let me explain this statement. You get gold, convert to silver, buy ointments, books, cages and all required items for your hero before others. From these items you use hero to clear oasis, raid oasis, use book to move all points from fighting strength to resources. You snowball (a never ending gain of momentum) and go on to dominate your area. You have better raid, higher resource production (hero lvls up after killing Oasis, and points on resources), you get the best cropper and before others, and so on. You snowball until people can finally cover up with their own hard work (although you are still ahead).
    Now this was just auctions, next comes 25% extra production, instantly completing all buildings (2 res tiles on queue and being insta'd means the time required to build x amount of increase in production from the upgrade = that amount of extra resources (another way of snowballing)
    Ever since the introduction of auctions, the difference between golders and non golders has increased even more than it already was. The edge is demotivating to anyone who is playing without gold, or is new to the game.

    This brings us to the next problem I mentioned initially:
    The biggest problem this game faces is its lack of attraction to anyone who has no or very less experience to the game. People have mastered this game completely, and if you are new to the game, you simply will not survive. As I mentioned before this is a major problem, it cannot attract new people since they don't stand a chance and just end up being Farms to the rest, and the already playing will not play forever, which only means 1 thing, endless downward spiral till the game is dead (if it's not already).. If you've been playing this game for the last 10 years like myself, or even lesser, you will have noticed the decrease in number of players as well as decrease in the quality of players. Don't get me wrong, there are still top notch players, but the quantity of them has decreased. And hence so has the competition between alliances, I mean seriously when was the last time we saw a very good competition between 4-5 alliances in the race of WW. People relatively new to the game will not believe this because they have not seen it since they have been playing, but 4-5 alliances fighting to reach 100 was very common in all servers. Over the last 4 years any speed server I've played has been maximum a 2 horse race (that too being 50% of servers, the rest are one sided wins for the biggest alliance).

    I understand that any game is based on getting its income, and without gold travian will not get much. But if they don't improve their dying game, the long term effects will be sad even though short term may seem profitable. I would like the rest of you reading this to also state what you think needs improving in this game. And if you agree or disagree with what I've mentioned. Sorry for the long post lel.

    Thanks for your time and hope you all have a great day

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    Good thinking.
    I think they know about these problems.
    The Travian tried many things against this I think throught the years like:

    The oasis problem: they hardened the oasis raid (and the natar raid). As I see, even you just klick to the attack button against an oasis, may indicate more animal inside it (even you just look how many time to reach this oasis). But many player became so strong, they can beat oasis even this hardened state, but I think this is not that good for them any more.

    The experienced player kill beginner: Well, this is a hard to solve, because this is a natural problem in any game. But I remember my first and second server, I delete myself, but the third was better, and we won the 4. Because I registered with my friends, and we made many good friends here, and no wonder we should win. And the real hard thing to realize no one can win anything alone here. And I think every player can be useful. And of course they tried to solve this problem too. They developed a much advanced travian game: the imperion. There was a hidden starting system (with some planet (we talking about space here)) for everyone, so there was impossible to kill a player, (but of course you have to colonize outside sooner or later.)

    More features: I think they trying here, however as I see the travian v5 was not a success.
    The travian 4.4 not bad, however I think we played out this.
    I was very sad, when they closed down the imperion project, because that system was much more advanced, than the travian v4.4, and there was a whole new perspective in the game. Only the balance was a little off.
    I think I really like a mixed game, where the travian bring back the imperion perspective. like:
    - No warehouses, grannaries (infinite resource capabilities)
    - No marketplace (the troops carries the nessesery resource)
    - troops move like the hero. (troop can change base)
    - research (new building lab) Every troops have to be researched (no academy) Every troop effectivness have to be researched (no smithy), cheeper units, ect.
    - I like v4.4 hero.
    - empire level grain usuage: So the empire count the whole grain income, and you don't have to pay for every village separately.
    - handicap like building system: That was a great feature. You can build a building as many you like in the same place, but it is losing its effectivness.
    - if sy played imperion, and remember more great feature, please write it.

    + idea:
    - Open system:
    - I think travian may try open systems. Without warehouse, or grannary, technically you can build any big mine in the main village, but I think they can open it for every building (all right, there may be some restrictions, because of the game mechanics) to overbuild here.
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    Oh, yes I forget, the demolish feature. In imperion you got back some resources when demolish the building, which is very logical, and there was a research for it: improve how many % resource you get back.

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