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    I know how this sounds but hear me out as Travian fan who loves this game.

    This is the opinion that will never be adopted by admins but it is the common opinion among most dedicated players so please at least read it.

    Allow use of scripts.

    Without it I refuse to play because I know what it's like having strong multi dual account. It takes your life and soul away. I love the game but the game is incomplete and we must use 3rd party tools. You have lost 99% of players and you still insist on these stupid rules.

    So we love the game and hate the admins but still play for love.
    Scripts enable us to play the game we love and keep our jobs and families.

    It's not to get in front of others in the game, it's to take the game to next level. We have evolved and the game is the same as 10 years ago.

    Thank you very much for letting me express my opinion.

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    Natarian Knight
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    Conclusion: I am not dedicated enough to share this opinion.

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