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Thread: Get your chance to know about your favorite game!

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    No questions from me.... just a thank you for creating this game! I sometimes take a break from time to time, but I always come back. Also thanks for making the upgrades affordable. Continued success!

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    Hi it says a developer wants to talk to me? Is it about the gold issue?

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    why most of features like Travian plus are paid features?
    at least travin plus should be free so that we do not loose our interest to play this game.

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    Default Please answer me, please...

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    Hi devs, when will the new tribes can be played?


    I'm not nerfgranny

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    Hi devs. Will travian UI ever become less insanely-synchronous? Like when CRUDing items at the "farm-list" page.

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    Default Things to consider adding to travian:

    Things to consider adding to travian:

    Better way to edit trade office, a table where you can quickly edit existing trade routes and add new, and possibility to copy trade routes ("save as" function).
    Possibility to have trade routes active for one time only, and they would then turn inactive (but not vanish).

    Possibility to move buildings around inside a village (like when you chief a village and everything is in wrong place) (Sometimes it seems like half your players have varied stages of OCD... be kind your people )

    Possibility to send to farm list without having the list expanded, important for playing on mobile as scrolling down can take a while. Possibility to send to all farm lists with one click.

    And I really liked the new tribes idea for RoA, since it is a map of part of the world it would be interesting to add Huns, Ottomans, Egyptians.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zodeseeker View Post
    What is the return on investment of travian?

    Because in the actual time of history which this game is set, females were ancillary figures at best.
    Since the game is hardly realistic (sent 5000 scouts into a village and nobody sees them!) and since we have quite a large proportion of female players, is it really your aim to alienate us, zodeseeker? Thanks, much appreciated. Yes, having female figures visible in the game is worth it

    Now my question. I'm not sure that questions are the simplest way to make suggestions, but I'll echo a previous request and ask, can you make a proper mobile version? Even if it's massively limited in features to simply a more practical CSS with a simple send interface for farm lists and particularly a fixed-position popup for the NPC window. I don't know if you've ever tried NPCing on various mobile devices but right now, it responsively and helpfully moves out of reach about ten miles off screen. Repeatedly - it's a game of chase the window. Right now we are only begging for those two things (NPC and sending farm lists). About half of web visits these days are done on OTHER than a pc or laptop & if Travian are now investing in 4.x, it's time to stop missing a trick here.

    Oh, and if you need an army to alpha test a mockup, I can ask some of the UK crowd to help.


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    When are you going to launch a 3.6 server ? Why wasn't there any classic server in the last year ?

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    Will there be new x2 "normal/T4.4" servers in the near future (Not counting Tournament finals,qualifications,roa and testservers) more explcitly, an x2 midsummer server for scandinavian players like last year? Thought it was a great success in terms of money for the game and the enjoyment of the players.

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    WHY CANT the game be a little faster?> OK a lot faster. Should implement a new server (X10)!!!!!!

    ALSO why can't you bring the classic servers back online? T2 oR T3?!?!?!

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