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Thread: Rise of Alliances features on regular servers

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    How can you guys not know your own forum-nicknames. That's too funny, hehe.

    What else is funny? The same discussion here as in the German forum, only in the German forum they came up with more arguments.

    There are the 5 arguments against giving the defenders their points and the 4 pro-arguments summarized. I don't want to translate the whole post so you have to be satisfied with bullet-points:

    1 counterargument:
    "it was always like that"

    2 counterargument:
    "you can see who defended where that reduces gaming-depth"

    3 counterargument:
    "it's interesting to see where the fight took place"

    4 counterargument:
    "you know which accounts are vulnerable"

    5 counterargument: (strongest argument)
    "it encourages people to spike"


    1 argument:
    "you can't hide your multiaccounts any longer"

    2 argument:
    "it motivates most defensive players a lot"

    3 argument:
    "fairness & recognition"

    4 argument:
    "it adds depth to see which enemy account has lost their anvil / more information is always good"

    That's basically it. Did I forget something relevant?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schneeente View Post

    How can you guys not know your own forum-nicknames. That's too funny, hehe.
    it is difficult to know each other's nickname when it is my first participation to a forum topic this round and I never played with Ele before. Or perhaps you think that she is some sort of thought reader ?
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    Hello Everyone

    This thread is not about discussing prior servers you have played on nor to begin flaming others just to be flaming.

    It is a thread for you to discuss the features Travian would like to implement.

    If you need a little help with game play Legend Answers

    If you are nervous about your post Forum Rules

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    I like the defense point distribution system, it has my vote and I will be happy to play travian legends with this new feature.

    Donation system is ok as an idea, but the return of investment is not good, so unless becomes cheaper, does not convince me to like it, so no...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pignouf View Post
    Well, I am (Wild Fire) and really, I'm not so sure it is a good idea
    And that is totally fine but would not stop me from arguing (you quoted not my respond to you, but to someone else). Anonymity of defensive accounts is a delusion, imho. They are unknown in terms of recognition, but decent anvils are usually known to off cor on the opposite side, attacked and faked no less than hammers. Smaller PDs are known as well, easy to guess by looking at the map.

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    The def point system in RoA (def points go to defending troops) is PERFECT. Best new travian feature (along with forwarding) in a long time.

    - Spikers can be found out
    - Hidden deffers can be found out

    Its perfect, I would support this system on all servers.

    The alliance bonus is good but could now use some tweaks/improvements. Add merchant speed, look at resources required per level and adjust a little bit. A promising feature with potential.

    - Only accounts in the wing of 60 get the benefits, it discourages having many wings. People in 2nd, 3rd wing etc would make donations to their wing from scratch. Then if they get promoted (or the wing shuts down) then all resources donated are wasted.
    - Hidden deffers/multis are less effective. Their troops are weaker, their merchants are less effective.
    - Multis cant donate to bonus unless they are in the ally of 60. Taking someones spot and making it clear who they support.

    Any feature that makes multis, hidden accounts and major sized alliances less effective has my support. Its also a good way to get rid of excess resources when you are about to be hit. So the attacker gets nothing.
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    The alliance bonus could use a bit of tweaking and it does have the possibility to be abused.

    The defense points system is nice, exposes spikers and does give credit to defenders. However, in saying that - its will be a lot harder to figure out "who attacked who", a system which possibly gave weekly/temporary 'location defense points' would be nice which would simply just be an extra ranking board of how defense points are currently displayed.

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    Donating system had a large influence on team spirit in the beginning of the server. There is something to focus on - together - by participating to meet an early target. Our leadership picked a bonus which currently looked most valuable depending on the strategies for the server. It is up to every alliance if they make it mandatory (telling who has to contribute what) or just voluntary (avoiding overflow / spending resources in case of incoming). I experienced the feature as fun. Members liked to watch, to be part of and to talk about it. Once one level of a bonus was done, lively discussion started about what would be advisable to pick next. After first level have been done, the rush about bonuses lost almost complete attention. Resources cost to gain the next level were huge and relation to its effect mostly ridiculous. Yes, daily tasks got adjusted to a contribution limit to reach points, but this does not change anything to the lost spirit or meaning of the bonus. It is clearly massivly imbalanced.

    You only benefit of the bonus if you are sitting in the same ship. Your PD does not have stronger defense by metallurgy if he is not part of your alliance. Splitting up alliances does not make sense which happens here and there to aviod pushing rules.
    The feature is generating more importance to the unity of an alliance itself and to every sinlge member that has joined; I called that team spirit above. It is something I miss a bit on travian, bound members more to their alliance by personal and factual benefits. It should be noticeable loss to leave the alliance and to join another one. I think there is a reasonable matter to lock bonus for newly recruited members for at least 24hours. You will have no advantage by inviting and dropping a PD for one CFD for example, just for usage of metallurgy bonus effect.
    Bonus can also be used to set milestones for the development of an alliance. But this means TG needs to adjust the bonus classification and go more into details like: add more bonuses to go for, give more effect, but make smaller steps on levels, implement strategic focuses. It could be even make sense to correlate some bonuses to each other; there is huge potential to increase fun and excitement - without overpowering the feature.

    Multi-accounting was named. Yes, you can abuse everything if you want but I assume that the donation systematic invites a lot less to it than other features which are already implemented do. One example is the hero strength in the beginning of any server. Right now the effect you procure with contributing is not worth it anyway. Maybe if there is a change and bonuses become stronger but even then you have to be part of an alliance which is limited to 60 members. Additionally you have to finish bonus level before you can kick them out of the alliance because all the donated resources are instantly removed. No way to invite your multi, donate, kick and invite the next one. As well, it means to deal with pushing rules between alliance members. You cannot raid your multi unlimited. TG has to find a way to work actively against multi-accounting. It is subject more and more the less people play the game. However, I stronlgy disagree in not implementing this feature because some people might abuse it.

    Conlusion: Cost and effect are not well developed. There is big need to adjust it and quite more potential to increase charm. Do not simply implement it how it was used on RoA. It is nice idea to keep track to.

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    it is good keep it up

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    yes, it is very good planning, i will be support that

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