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Thread: Brag away!

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    I think that banned player, for more then 14 days, still banned..., can't be in official end statistic!!! It is not in VP statistics, so nothing to talk about end one...

    This is a big mistake from MH. He should delete Irrsinn, if they were not willing to accept the deserved punishment!!!! If MH was in doubt about violation, then they should be newer banned....

    This is worst scenario and will encouraged all cheaters!!!!
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    Minimal bragging here:
    I wasn't top in defense or attack, hero, or even scouting, only medal is from last week where everyone suicided, so doesn't count. My one claim to fame is being 10th in conquests for the server (if you don't count Natars) - and thus managing to be in top 20 population. I was a bit of everything on my account, so it's to be expected.

    I joined TM late and played my account solo so it was never going to be top and super active, along with the fact that real life was hectic with moving house, losing access to a phone with internet (yay for nokia's xD), having little access to internet at home and dealing with student protests.

    I managed to create a decent defense force which then slowed in production after I started producing scouts. At this stage, I was producing scouts in 1 village and def in 2 others, so very slow. Thereafter I settled my cap only on my 9th village so by the end I wasn't even on all 17's. After this point, expansion really started picking up and I spread out a lot from my original spawn in massalia/mediolanum area.

    By the end, I was producing defense in 8/32 villages, had spread out all over the map into 12 regions, had killed my 2 tiny hammers, and was producing scouts in 2 villages.
    troop ratio looked something like at highest point:
    32k scouts:45k praets:20k legos: and 3k EC along with small amounts of seige.

    But I made loads of new friends in other alliances as well as TM and had loads of fun simming so it was worth the sleeplessness.

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    You also watched my account 24/7 especially in the last couple of months Blueberrypie dont forget!
    Wonderfully done!

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