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Thread: Multihunter ignores the bug

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    Default Multihunter ignores the bug

    Over 3 days ago the account I'm sitting for lost a village on my watch. Would be ok if that was just my mistake or a perfect chiefing, but it wasn't. I've specifically asked the owner to buy some tablets for emergency cases. He has done so. And I've used some tablets inbetween the chiefing attacks. The tablets were gone, but the loyalty didn't increase. As a result the village was gone.

    I have reported this bug right away, including all the sequential reports of the chiefing. However, the only thing the multihunter keeps saying, that he doesn't see any tablets being used. One can also check how many tablets were bought/used/left. He still repeats the same thing.

    A question... (even two)... Why the multihinter doesn't report the case further to the tech office. And on which ground this person calls me a liar (coz a denial of my action, to which there are proofs, is apriori telling me that I'm lying).

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    Hello slow ciliatus

    Send me a pm with the server and players ingame name and I will take a look at it

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