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Thread: Alternative Hero Items

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ID:	2777 I give to you the Wrench. Your hero uses it to get inside another players village disguised as a plumber (You temporarily get a mustash) and you are able to take any one item from there inventory that's is NOT being used. (If any). If the target has no items that are not curently being used.. you go home with nothing. And wrench is considered still used.

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    Hi, ts6 Black Dragon.
    1. Helmet of the Carpenter: 10% faster production in workshop.
    2. Helmet of the war carpenter: 15% faster production in the workshop.
    3. Helmet of the Sapper(Pioneer) : 20% faster production in workshop.

    *Right Hand Item:
    1. Eagle: 500 fighting power for hero, scouting units 5% power increase bonus
    2. Hawk: 1000 fighting power for hero, scouting units 10% power bonus.
    3. Falcon: 1500 fighting power for hero, scouting units 15% power increase bonus

    * Armors:
    1. Armor of the spy: Hero can know the resources in the attacked village when he is in the attack and survives.
    2. Armor of the Infilitrator: Hero can know the resources and defenses in the attacked village when he is in the attack and survives.
    3. Armor of the Assassin: Hero can know the resources and defenses in the attacked village when he is in the attack and survives. Additionally he can join scouts in a scouting attack (the usual one) but can kill the existing enemy troops as if he is attacking them. If the attacked village doesn't contain scouting units, its troops will not defend.

    * Consumables:
    Elixir of life: Makes the hero absorb 300 hitpoints before getting damaged. Starting bid 500 silver.

    *Left hand Item
    Telescope (Spyglass - used by pirates) or binoculars: similar to the effect of a level 100 rallypoint on receiving an attack (seeing the type of the attacking unit but not the army)...
    I hope this is creative enough...
    Thanks in advance and best regards!
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    Weapon - glass bottle of rakia - typical Balkan drink which can burn your throat but we drink it every day here.
    Helmet - flesh-pot or how we call it here - chuven. You can make a chicken soup in it and to drink rakia and eat the soup after that.
    Or you can just offer your enemy rakia and kill him with it if he is not from Balkans. If he is, you will be happy to drink together without fight.

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    Smile Trade Expertise | Nature tamer | Cloak of the General!

    Trade Expertise!
    We could add an ability, where our Hero, has the capability to influence the resource production of a village to a certain degree.
    Ex: If the village produces 100 /hr of each resource, the Hero could use his Trading Expertise (consumable) to change the production to: 120 | 100 | 90 | 80 /hr (some trading loss to prevent abuse) - Similar to NPC, but this one helps players like me who play without buying gold and have to trade silver
    Check this out:

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    Feather | Food

    Consumable item, whereby the Hero attracts nearby nature animals to the village he's in, like 1 unit an hr, etc.
    Check it out!

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    Cloak of a General
    Right before the battle begins, the Hero dons his armour and then on top of it, adds his Cloak - The Commander of the Army. Using this, he delegates his task to his subordinates - whereby, a small set of units get upgraded ( of 100, 1 Clubswinger becomes lvl 10 (something like that), OR becomes an Axe wielding unit)

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    P.S, I should clarify that, the images I've taken, are from the internet, which were to me freely available, I have no right to distribute them
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    After receiving bribes and payoffs the winners have been chosen

    Grand Prize winner = Asmodeus 250 gold

    Runner UP = S.H.I.E.L.D. 150 gold

    3rd Place = bleepbloop 100 gold

    Stay tuned as more games and contest for gold and maybe more are on the horizon

    Winners...Please send me a PM with your server and ingame name keeping in mind the payout is for the .COM servers only
    If you need a little help with game play Legend Answers

    If you are nervous about your post Forum Rules

    Keep the MH's at bay by knowing the Game Rules

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