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Thread: How TO Play trivian

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    Default How TO Play trivian

    HI, Everyone im just registered today, anyone can give me a link that have a tutorial how to play this game ?

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    Hello abanghsan

    Welcome to Travian

    I would say it is best to just start a server(hands on is best teacher)
    Then talk to others around you on the map and let them know you are new but want to learn.

    Someone will take you under their wing. Just don't get discouraged if you come under attack from time to time.
    It is a war game but some feel insecure with themselves and like to catapult people who cant fight for themselves.

    I would also suggest using this.......

    If you need a little help with game play Legend Answers

    If you are nervous about your post Forum Rules

    Keep the MH's at bay by knowing the Game Rules

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