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Thread: Day 5...The Thief

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    jotheold 3x server

    Potter is Gaul
    Carpenter is Gaul and stole money
    Smite is Teut

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    The smith - The Teuton - tells the truth
    The potter - Gual
    The Carpenter - Gual

    He left his money at the carpenters shop

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    Smith is Teuton, Potter is Gaul and Carpenter is Gaul.
    The money was left at the Carpenters.
    Dragun COM19

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    here is my answer from tigerforce on comx3.

    Smith is teut
    Potter is Gaul
    carpenter is gaul

    cash is with the carpenter

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    Carpenter is a Gual
    Potter is a Gual
    Smith is a Teuton
    Gold is in the carpenter's shop
    CAwarlord com1

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    potter Gaul
    smith Teuton
    carpenter Gaul

    Mark left his money at the carpentar's shop

    server 2

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    The potter and the carpenter are Gaul.
    The smith is Teuton.
    The money is in the carpenter's shop.

    Hedwig -

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    Smith - Teuton
    Potter - Gaul
    Carpenter - Gaul

    He left his money at the carpenter.

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    The blacksmith is Teuton and the potter and the carpenter are Gauls, therefore, the money is in the carpenter's shop.

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    Default Answer of day 5

    Quote Originally Posted by Templar Knight View Post

    It was a warm sunny day. Lucius Tarquinius and Mark Atilius were sitting on a tree stump, catching some rays of sun.

    "Look, Lucius," the caravan driver asked suddenly. "If it's a frontier city, then there should be Gaul and Teuton merchants here, right? I want to bring some souvenirs home and I'm sure we wouldn't find anything like them in our Central Region."

    "Yes, you're right," agreed the architect. "Do you see that town hall over there? Go in that direction and you'll see a marketplace where only Teutons and Gauls trade. But keep in mind that local tribes don't like us Romans. The Teutons are honest guys, they never tell lies. Gauls are the opposite - they never tell the truth. Go alone, I need to give my builders some construction orders."

    Mark Atilius went to the marketplace; he found it really fast. He visited a smith where he looked at some iron knives and other gear, as well as the potter with his decorated clay-ware and a carpenter who made beautiful wooden figurines. When he visited a baker he found out he had left his money bag somewhere in one of the other shops. Atilius hurried back and saw all three merchants who were now talking to each other.

    "Please, excuse me, honorable merchants, but I left my money at one of your shops."
    The merchants looked at each other.

    "The potter is Gaul, of course, but you left your money in the carpenter's shop," the smith told him.

    "By the way, both the smith and the carpenter belong to the same tribe," added the potter.

    "Well, the potter tells the truth," agreed the carpenter. "But you left your money in his shop."

    Mark Atilius thought for a while. "What did Lucius tell me? Teutons never lie, Gauls always lie? How do I know who is Teuton and who is Gaul?" the caravan driver asked himself.

    Help the caravan driver find out which tribe each merchant belongs to and where he left his money.
    Answer: smith is teuton , potter is gaul , and carpenter is gaul .
    Money is with the carpenter
    Xpunisherx , ROAx2

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