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Thread: Day 2...The Roman Way

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    Default Day 2...The Roman Way

    When the trade caravan finally came to the place where our patrician had some rest, the young errand boy had already returned and was sitting next to his master waiting for further orders.

    "Ah, and here he is!" "Salve, Lucius!" he heard a familiar voice from the first cart.

    The chief architect looked more attentively, and saw that the leader of the trade caravan was actually his old sparring mate, Mark Atilius - a boy who used to live near the Tarquinius Lepidus family estate.

    "Noble Lucius or, at the very least, Honorable Lucius," the architect corrected himself, helplessly trying to appear important. "I am the imperial architect, not some nameless farmer."
    "You're a turkey," laughed his childhood friend. "And you always have been like that." "Glad to see that you haven't changed much."

    "And you have never heard anything about politeness and tact," muttered Tarquinius, "someday you'll end up paying the price for that."

    "Lucius, my friend," Mark Atilius interrupted him. "We had our last meal when the sun was about to go behind the horizon. Now it's going to do the same thing again, and we haven't had anything in our mouths apart from a gulp of water. Let's count the cargo and resolve this injustice."

    "You're right," agreed the architect and he turned his head to the errand boy. "Go, bring our account scrolls!"

    The boy brought Tarquinius some scrolls that had been kept together in a wooden case. Each pile of scrolls was bound in leather, and marked with several bronze sticks.

    "What's this?" asked Mark Atilius, pointing to the sticks.

    "Folder numbers," replied Tarquinius Lepidus. "One stick for the first folder, the second stick marks the second one and so on. Now we are going to mark the eighth folder. Three sticks are already here. Please, fix the other two in order to get eight."

    The architect gave Mark Atilius two bronze sticks identical to those that had already been fixed on the scroll folder and went away to talk to Centurion of the Engineering Cohort, who had already showed up and was awaiting orders.

    Help Mark Atilius do what the architect asked of him

    This task is over and winners will be announced very soon.
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    VIII ( 5 stick)

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    It's just a matter of titling a stick for the eighth scroll. The quantity doesn't matter.

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    The 2 sticks \ and / form the V.

    I forgot my gameworld.

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    answer: VIII

    The V is formed by the 2 sticks / and \.

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    VIII = 8

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    Use the roman numerals. Eight ( would turn into Vlll

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    Take the two sticks and make a V.

    Combine the V with the other III sticks to create VIII which equals the Roman Numerals for Eight (.

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    The bronze sticks could be placed as such I I Y Y Y or any combination thereof as I =1 for the first folder and Y=2 for the second folder. The three sticks already placed could be any combination including at least one each of I and Y. The 2 identical sticks given to Mark Atilius would match the Y stick already placed. The sum of I I Y Y Y would therefore equal 8.


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