During the cover of darkness, armies from Nataria located in the gray center have attacked and CHIEFED the gold vaults at Travian Headquarters.

Attachment 2704

The Natarians have announced that starting at 12:00 GMT+1 on Friday 24 February 2017
they will be adding 20% more gold to each package they sale to the inhabitants of the land. This can only be collected when the pictures on the PLUS page show the +20% and only in Legends

All local gold packages and secondary product groups are included in this gold grab.

Due to conflicts of territory and war
Vouchers, SMS, and pay-by-call are NOT included and will be swiftly catapulted.

Meanwhile Travian Headquarters has sent a counter-attack with chiefs and will regain control again on
Monday 27 February 2017 at 12:00 GMT+1. At that time the 20% extra gold will be stopped.