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Thread: Frequency Option When Creating A Trade Route.

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    Default Frequency Option When Creating A Trade Route.


    I do suggest to add a frequency option when creating a trade route.

    Market> Management> Create a new trade route

    It has options like "start time" and "deliveries"

    Add the option "frequency". Saying "Send one shipment each ___ hour/s". Select between 1, 2 , 3 , 4, 6, 8, 12 or each 24 hours.


    Why? For example you want to send 2000_2000_2000_2000 each hour to any village. Now you must create 24 trade routes! This is a pain! With my suggestion you will need to create just ONE trade route. The same occurs when you need to edit a trade route!

    Please consider this suggestion!

    Many Thanks in advance.

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    Exactly this!

    I thought of this exact option.
    The same could be done by swapping out the dropdown menu, with 24 different tick squares. You tick the times when you want your merchant to run with the resources you entered, so tick off all 24 for once pr. hour.

    I too hope this will be implemented, doing 24 separate trade-routes for each village is tedious.

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    yes. This is very important idea. Lots of people dont use trade routes only because it is very lengthy process. If we get something like dropdown menu to "select village" and when we add that village, we should see 24 clickable checkboxes for each hour.
    It will be very useful. Developers, Please think about implementing it.

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