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    Hi guys and girls

    I am warning you, this is going to be a long message. Shortly, I am planning on creating a brand new alliance, with people all over the world, to compete on .com. That's the short message now the long one.

    So I am looking for players who want to start a new alliance together with me. I'm looking for experienced and new players, gold and non-gold users, anvils, WWK's, raiders, etc... if you can come up with something else that is fine by me.

    What I can give you personally:

    I'm playing Travian for 7 years:
    - Played with and without gold
    - Played as defender solo (60k def by arti time) and dual (100k def by arti time)
    - Offensive solo 250k - 8k cata's Gaul WWK hammer (rather small)
    - Experienced raider of the week but not for a very long time (holders got bored).


    + Played under Ice on my first server, very lucky to meet that lady! I loved the game from the first server so much! I became defensive coordinator in an instant and took care of def of a whole quad.
    + Played 3 servers with Wild:
    - their 2nd server with an in real life friend, defensive
    - dualled with Deset Fox on a massive def account
    - dualled with Westy on an arti account + def
    + And played many other servers solo, mainly def

    If you wonder where I can be useful at at end game is arti's. That's when I dualled with Westy on the arti account. We were in charge of eye-checking large arti's. Very useful, comes in handy!!!! You should try this strategy! I was also part of Wild's DEF TEAM and know how to destroy any size of hammer!!!!


    - Offensive operations, although I've seen my share
    - Building a WW

    Starting time/date of server is unknown yet. If I can get together 30 accounts I would start a server. Duals included though, so 45 to 60 people would be perfect ^^, know it's far fetched but hey, I you don't try I would be happy with 30 people sitting each other too!

    What I need of you is for you to send me a PM here so we can share private info. So players being on skype will be the first and one of the most important step(s).

    About the alliance name/tag. I created an alliance once out of scratch and survived all server long. We were with 20 players and everyone was dedicated and loyal! Was so much fun! We had to withstand a whole quad and manage to do so because we were clustered together and very active. We didn't win anything though, but it was a whole lot of fun!!! The name of that alliance was HORNETS and maybe if people agree on that, I would take that same alliance name, cause it means something to me. But it is negotiable.

    If you come aboard, invite your friends do know that I'm expecting for you to play a whole server, till the end!!! Nothing less!!!

    I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of things, advice is welcome! Please!

    Let me know what you think and if you have questions let me know!

    Thank you for your time!

    Don Domingo
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