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Thread: Upgrading main Building and resources

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    Default Upgrading main Building and resources

    I ve searched for the optimum way of upgrading main building and resources for a feeder village and what I found was not that much, almost all of them suggested upgrading MB non stop to a certain level and after that they begin to upgrade the resources.
    I did this calculation to find out the proper way to do it. The assumptions in my calculations were that you dont upgrade warehouse and granary unless you need it for upgrading the resources. And Also you dont build any other building in village.

    the sample village is : 3:clay , 5:lumber , 4:iron , 6 : crop ( its almost the same for other types of villages)

    You only need to start upgrading MB after reaching level 6 of resources. Then you go for level 6 for MB and upgrade all resources to next level. Then upgrade the MB to 10 and then resources to 8, and so on.
    I know there are other factors that you should consider like if you use gold or not. or if you want to go to sleep and cant upgrade resource or building other things in your village. I did it mainly to understand how the time it takes for finishing building is affected by MB.

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    Ideally, you want lvl 20 mainbuilding. It's cheap and great for CP, which means you get more villages faster, which also means you get more feeder villages faster. The sooner you get that, the more time you will save on upgrading until your village is maxed out.

    But yes, upgrading mb before going to sleep is a great idea, as the mb takes fairly long to finish relatively speaking. With a brand new village, I usually upgrade mb a few lvls, then warehouse/granaries/resources fields as needed. The last thing you want is to have overflowing resources.

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    It's really not applicable in game. You always upgrade the mainbuliding to 20 for the cheap cps. For pre-first village stage, you upgrade the mainbuliding to 10 for AC and townhall. for after settling phase, you upgrade the mainbulding to 20 and party to get faster 3rd village and so on.
    Maybe after you got your 2k cps per day production (for large parties) - and you wanted to save construction time - then we could follow one such calculation. But you definitely need to give much more details than that :P
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    Eventually, when you are aiming for heavy amount of villages, you always want to fill all building slots and upgrade them to the max level. - To gain max passive CP every hour.
    Alternatively, one could however play successfully with just a few villages and still dominate over other players who have 5 to 10 times more villages. In that case CP becomes relatively obsolete.

    Going for fast CP one must also remember that every upgrade aside generating CP every hour also degenerade crop every hour. Crop however is the MOST IMPORTANT resource in this game.
    Just comparing buildings relative to the construction cost, CP prod and crop consumption; there are alternative to MB as well. let's compare with the embassy for example (unless you are lonely wolf you need embassy regardless in order to join an alliance):
    MB level 20 produces 77 CP, but consumes 41 crop. constuction cost 93 915 resouces
    Embassy level 16 poduces 74 CP, consumes 39 cop and costs 98 200 total resouce
    Note that embassy, when maxed up, can go even higher, up to 153 CP per hour

    In the first spawn, given to me with the registration process, i wouldnt increase MB too fast. I rather use the resource for troops to gain additional resource while i am online and also for the defensive puposes..

    As of the initial post, when you have capital or just regional center and supports aound it, the calculations seems pretty accurate, though i would never go that tight with the storage facilities (warehouse and granary). higher storages allow much smoother upgrade process as you do not need to worry to overflow (there can be circumstances that temporarily disallow us to play at certain moments, either personal or server side issues).

    It also depends what is your ultimate goal. If you want to reach max resource output fastest without spending any gold, building MB first and then fields is the best solution. You can shorten the lower levels as well.
    If you however want to build without gold, but always have the best output possible, mixing MB and field levels is indeed accurate. (despite reaching maximum is a bit slower in that case).
    When you however can afford use some gold and have a lot of resources nearby, maxing MB with gold is a great idea. Just 20 gold from 0 to 20 (expecting you have sufficient warehouse and granary in place) and you can upgrade all the field levels at max speed...

    Well, to be honest i personally like to upgrade MB overnight when i play without night sitter/dual, whatever the level of the fields at the end of the day are.

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    If you wanna reach max resource by simming and not using gold, dont waste too much on the MB. Whats a Level 10 MB worth if you can only upgrade 5 fields per day?

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