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Let’s forget about war for some time and congratulate your friends, ally members or even rivals with that beautiful holiday!

To celebrate St. Valentine's day together with our beloved community this year we invited a very special guest - Cupid messenger!

On the 14th of February he will fly all over forum and deliver your greetings, valentines and love confessions to the forum users. What’s more – he will keep your name in secret! The recipients will not see who sent them a message if you don't add it in the text.

How to ask Cupid to deliver your secret valentine?

Write a personal message to Cupid, adding in the title (not the recipient box) the name of a person you want to send message to. Just forum nickname, nothing else.

In the message body write your valentine message. You don't need to make any additional comments - our Cupid will send the whole message to the recipient.

Valentine messages are anonymous, that means that Cupid will keep your secret and will not tell the recipients, who wrote them a valentine. If you want the recipient to know that it was you who sent the message, just add your name in the message itself.

If a valentine can't be delivered for whatever reason, our Cupid will inform you about that. If the delivery was successful you won't get any confirmation.

So go find the cupid HERE

or go directly to the cupid's message center HERE

Above all enjoy the time and the memories you make on this day!