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Thread: New update

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    Natarian Knight
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    Default New update

    I beg your pardon..... Am I reading it right: I hit a village with troops in it and all I get is 20%?

    Are you being serious introducing this change mid-game? Camouflaging it's as a bug does not do anything, this was NEVER announced as a rule.
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    If I understand this right it is outrageous!

    But I wait for clarification before I get mad. I really hope I misunderstood what I just read.

    I'm pretty sure I am misinterpreting things. You just can't mess Travian up like this, it's just not possible.

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    Yes, you got it right, and yes, it is outrageous. This "protection" has been on on the French RoA server for almost a week now, and it is ruining the gameplay. If you have time to loose, go and check the fuss on the French forum (even without reading the contents, the amount of messages speaks for itself), it'll show you how pissed the players are. Tenths have already announced they are deleting their account. The only difference, is that we were not warned beforehand... They just did the update, and we discovered its effect soon after...

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    this is not acceptable please cancel that

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    As people are saying higher, This is probably the only way you guy will find too kill the game.

    Bringing raid to 20% max daily res , is the worst thing I ever heard. People been playing this games for ages, this never happend.

    Meanwhile where a server resgistration is done.(No more multies too be created) You still Do this. Go back and look at final mulites before saying that RoA as multies.

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    Dear Travian.

    Please stop ruining the game with attempts to fix it.
    Please stop messing with games that are mid-server.

    Mid-Server is NOT THE TIME to introduce massive game changing rule changes that NOBODY WANTS.

    I had quit this game prior. Am now back on ruthless account. Hello to all.

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    the raiding limit had been intended from the very beginning, just forgotten for 70 days? and also forgotten to mention it to the players in server details.
    and now all of a sudden this has come to someone's mind and they certainly want to fix it

    Therefore, we strongly recommend thinking about your current strategy before the next RoA update, as otherwise you might no longer be able to feed your troops just by raiding.
    Yeah, I'd be pleased if someone of the officials could tell me which new strategy to develop within one week's time. suiciding? or just watch them starve?

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    ok, how stupid....
    so please tell me/us whats the intention of this game changing cut.

    Do you want to change travian to sim city?
    Do you expect, when it is impossible to raid more than 20% of the per day production in a village, that the semi-active players have still enough resources to build something with gold?

    Yes indeed it is really horrible that the players build troops to force against all the others. How can they do this. Wouldn't it be nice if everybody plays toghether in harmony? What a wonderful world it would be...

    So i have a proposal.
    If you do all for not build any troops, all for not taking place any fights, doing all for impracticably any war between Aliances, so why don't you take an easier way to reach your intention...
    The easiest way would be to dispose the troops in Travian!
    It would be so much better, no one must have any fear to be raid, no one will steal your resources, so you can build something (in this new game) useless with using gold, just to be bigger and bigger. But no worry you still can win the game, you don't need troops you just have to build population... ok you have to build population faster than every other aliance, but you can use mor and more of gold to build faster...

    hope everybody recognized the spotty sarcasm the lines before...

    Travian Games, with this you kill this game instantly. And for sure, i won't play any day longer with this changes. There will be no challenge, no fun, no thrill any more... If you want to turn this game into a boring Klick-Challenge, ok, but then play it alone...

    And think about one other thought... do you really think, that any player have the need to merge troops with gold any longer, when you can't feed a bigger hammer... cause of limitation what you can rob from opponents...
    Why take the bread out of your own mouth...

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    Dumb just got dumber

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    Second place is the first loser

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    Hello all,
    Actually it's not so bad,
    - of each village you can now rob/trade max. 20% of its daily production
    If you think about that... you can rob 20% of daily production of the village, so unless you farm your own multi there is no problem 5 people can rob all of res of some village.
    So what's this drama?

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