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Thread: New update

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    to quote eminem here, Travian:

    I just think it's up you don't answer fans

    We coulda been together, think about it
    You ruined it now, I hope you can't sleep and you dream about it
    And when you dream I hope you can't sleep and you scream about it
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    It`s kinda disturbing that youre implementing such changes in the gameplay with a warning of just a few days. Do you even think about the people who are sitting hours planning the perfect strategy already ahaed of the game? I mean you have always to adapt your strategy to new Situations, but these adaptions should be necessary because of the development of the game and do`nt over your whole strategy. Im not sure if you realise ho big of a decision this is. And selling it to the players as a bug change is just bold. It`s a god like intervention of the game play and rules.

    Maybe an anology of everday-life will bring you clearness:
    Let`s take football for example. And since this is the com- world, let`s take the world cup to specify this chain of thougts.
    The situation is as followed: The rules were written down and communicated, everything is normale like in the past years, the one with the most goals wins the game, there are things that you can do and things you cant`t do. Each Team ist preparing their tactics, they are training to get faster, stronger and improve their skills. After the quarterfinal now, the Fifa says: Hey guys, you know it was fun, but wouldn`t it be cool, if instead of your feet, you could use your hands? I mean, sure, you ave all trained with your feet but we think it would be much cooler if you have to use your hand instead.

    What would any objective spectator say? What would you say?

    And yes, it is exactly the same. The aim itself didn`t change. In the example ist is winning by scoring more goals, in Travian it is winning by gettin more victory points. But in both cases the way how you can reach your goals has changed.

    Please think about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ele View Post

    I beg your pardon..... Am I reading it right: I hit a village with troops in it and all I get is 20%?

    Are you being serious introducing this change mid-game? Camouflaging it's as a bug does not do anything, this was NEVER announced as a rule.

    okay ... I only read the first couple posts
    my initial reaction is that Ele has hit it right on the nose with the first post.

    THIS IS completely reminiscent of the introduction of the cauldron last year, several weeks into the birthday server. Cauldron was completely b.ll crap.

    This proposed ''bug fix'' just sounds like a load of cowdung. They are trying to cover up that perhaps they didn't anticipate a very public backlash and trying to counter a public relations nightmare.

    Some ''strategy'' designer has decided this is a way they will attract new customers. They probably surveyed ....I'm going to be generous and say 100 but I highly doubt it.

    When was the last time anyone of us did a survey from Travian. I don't remember.

    Most people buy some gold .... WHICH IS how everyone in that company gets a paycheque and while companies do need to develop new products or enhance their current product they would be smart to be sure changes are what their customers want.

    When something sounds like b*ll crap then it usually is.

    I am very afraid this will be the death knell for travain.


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    Ive been playing this game for over a decade, and you've gone too far now.

    What am I meant to do? Split my hammers into 5 different hammers, give them all the same farmlist, and hope for the best?
    That'll cost about 4k gold with all the merging


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    In German forum there was an announcement yesterday evening. It says that they decided to change the update so it does not affect connection type one.

    Ameno, could you tell us if it's the same on .com? Thank you.
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    Hi all!

    Thank you very much for your feedback. It was forwarded to the developers. This is what they've decided: this change will be canceled. Here is official info about it:

    Have a nice play!

    Cheers, Ameno

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    Good to hear that

    Do you know if this decision will be applied on the French server too ?

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    Hi. I guess scyllo (French CM) would know more about French RoA (this gameworld has already been updated to this version). But I am almost certain they will get an update pretty soon which will solve this issue.

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