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Thread: a few notes after last updates (and a rollback)

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    Default a few notes after last updates (and a rollback)

    server (my only current server)

    1) the confirmation pop-up's (for example instant complete buildings feature) on my android smart-phone is behaving odd yesterday-today. They appear somewhere outside the screen area and when scrolling where it is it jumps even more farther from main screen area, eventually being clickable successfully.
    Though still inconvenient to hunt the confirmation window somewhere from the wild.
    It appears right at the center on my windows laptop screen.

    2) Auctions. 'delete' outbid item reroutes to hero attributes while the action will not be done. The item will not be deleted. First noticed the issue appearing after rollback.
    Makes me very confused as the changelog says finals server is running T4.4 (Walrus) Release – 42 (2874) which has that specific bug fixed.

    3) Auctions: buying new items. ending item resets auctions page (open bid gets closed and all previously set filters removed). When a bit hits zero seconds left an active search will be cancelled despite the item at zero stays there for more about 5 seconds..

    thank you for your hard work
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