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Thread: Can we get a server analysis?

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    I agree my Analysis was biased, i will not deny it But well you manage to read between the lines so its fine, Indeed it will be a good server (I Hope).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onions View Post
    Okay then Seeing as no one else want to comment on how things are going i will give it a go, remember this is just how i see things from what i know i wont make to many assumption on thing i don't know about

    Alliance Player(s) Ř Points
    1. HITŽ 47 4296 201906
    2. NES 57 3273 186542
    3. NES* 59 2544 150111
    4. NW_S 51 2905 148165
    5. FuŽia 55 2339 128657
    6. Firewall 49 2432 119155
    7. U.C. 56 1468 82211
    8. PL_NW 49 884 43308
    9. Atomic 12 3156 37867
    10. Rangers 28 1269 35533
    SW Quad

    HITŽ Sitting in top stop currently with a rather large gap in average pop, some people will say this is due to having less players. This is true and it will effect the numbers slightly but i encourage you you work out the average of your top 47 i doubt it will change very much. They are currently Raiding more than the other quads, not the highest attacking alliance but that just means more resources gained and less troops lost. Consistently been in top three Attacking,Raiding,Climbing and Defending. So they have been there but now a seem to be pushing a head. Still a lot of clearing in there quad to do but i guess that will come once trainers are being used

    FuŽia Currently rank 6, lots of people made the assumption that this alliance would not be around very long but they are still here. Having regrouped recruited some new more active players, defending attacks from farming alliances gaining then defense medals. Doing all this and still remaining in the top 10 alliances. Now they are working with HIT in top ten raiders and building fast. Still a lot of work to do with many accounts that are nothing progressing fast enough and a few people deleting But alongside HIT they will be contenders.

    NES&NES* Where to start with theses guys Well i guess i will start with the State meant that was on there alliance profile but for some unknown reason magically vanished "we don't join Meta's we kill Meta's". Probably the funniest statement of the server so far considering they then went and made the biggest meta on the server so far They have now cut down, but after forming the meta either they still have lots of other accounts will to defend and be canon fodder in hope of joining them, or realized having such a big Meta shockingly means less farm to identified the vulnerable players kicked and farmed them. Which reminds of insider trading a little and is disgusting. That being said they have some really good players and evidently are capable of coordinating attacks even if not all people listen and get involved. Throwing some hammer at former BTB did some damage but were unable to finish to task, then they joined with HIT i guess the lose of two small hammers and the dent in that large one out them off coming again.

    NW_S A recently formed alliance recruited quickly and gained some good players, Which i why i do not understand the need for so many political players. They are top attacker and yeah have not been able to match HIT or NES in raiding which suggest they either have some inter quad struggles s they have to get there affairs in order. Or they are trying to make farms but are not succeeding. They are also the second best over all defending alliance on the server which does not say a lot considering half of their over all defense point cam from one person, hmmmm a little strange. Also took a player from another quad to get raider medal. And now the edges of NW has become very heavy with spikes i wonder why that is. You have some great players there is no need to lower your self to this sort of player style to try and get an advantage where is your sense of Honor?

    SE Has Teady Bear, but lets face it any alliance still underneath Raiders at the stage after they fell apart are not really stepping up.

    Conclusion: In short we have three out of four quads that are in the game and can go on to compete For WW which is great consider a lot of my servers have ended up with one meta getting the easy Win. Lets see what artifacts do to the situation. All i will say is all this Spiking, getting players just for medals, Keeping control of accounts after they have stopped playing them via sitter or pass word sharing what is the point. Play to win but play it right, if you be by dirt back handed tactics you have not one. This server could be a lot of fun best of luck to everyone.
    he is with HIT side and he also rob my phrases, this isn't right! ahahah


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    Probably does not inspire much confidence.

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    Is this the forum for If it is how come it's dead?

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