Dear users!

I would like to inform you that the forum rules have slightly changed and now more consistent with game rules and forum rules worldwide.

There were no major changes, except for 2 points that were removed from the old version. They are:

The forum account name can only be changed in case it is violating the Rules.
Let's agree that you can change your forum name once even if it doesn't violate the forum rules.

Posting uncensored battle reports. This includes, but is not limited to, coordinates, village names and player names. Permission from all parties involved must be given prior to posting such material. Reports of attacks on or by WW villages or attacks involving Building Plans or Artefacts belonging to WW holders are excluded from this rule.
Since that rule has been removed from the game rules a while ago, we'd like to remove that rule from forum rules as well. Feel free to discuss events that happen on your servers.

We wish you a lot of fun! The new version of forum rules you can read here.

Cheers, Ameno