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Thread: [Rise of Alliances] Annual Special server started 14.09.16!

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    Default [Rise of Alliances] Annual Special server started 14.09.16!

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    Hello, Travians!

    I am happy to announce that annual special server "The Rise of Alliances" will start 14.09.2016 at 05:00 (GMT+1). The pre-registration will be open as usual, 3 days earlier, on 11.09.

    Main features of RoA server:
    • The version is based on Scattered Empire (regions, region unlocking, no WW end condition but fixed run time (200 days) etc).
    • Merge and forwarding feature is enabled on that server, however rams, catapults, settlers and administrators are excluded
    • Original map of Europe
    • VP generation is rebalanced: weaker artefacts will generate more VPs, than stronger ones. So, players will have to choose what they prefer: get more victory points or train more powerful army.
    • Alliance bonuses - players contribute resources in order to power up their alliance bonuses. The bonuses are pretty powerful and vary a lot.
    • Boosted start - each player starts with the village where all resourse fields are maxed up to 10th level, and ability to found 2 new villages right away.
    • No items - there are no auctions, no adventures, no silver and no items.

    Interested how it looks? Here is the video where you can see all main features at one glance.

    Server information:

    Version: Rise of Alliances (based on T4.4)
    Speed of the gameworld: 1x.
    Beginner protection from the start: 5 days
    The address of the server:

    Have fun!
    Travian Team

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    It came to my notice, that one feature has been adjusted and this change wasn't properly announced. Please, be aware, that siege weapons are excluded from the merge function. This was made to prevent sudden appearences of unexpected hammers. So, you can only merge your infantry and cavalry. Settlers, administrators, rams and catapults can't be merged on RoA servers.

    Sorry for that late notification.

    Cheers, Ameno

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