Hello all,

  • Account: roman
  • Rank: Top 5
  • Gold account: yes
  • Server time: 1 month
  • Villages: 4

Previous server stats:
  • Rank: 1
  • Attackers: Top 10
  • Defenders: Top 100

Looking for a dual with the following conditions:
  1. Willing to work hard.
  2. Willing to learn from a very experienced player.
  3. Team player and honest.
  4. Constant communication via skype.
  5. You must be an active player. Login in at least 3 times a day at different intervals.
  6. Apply the methodology provided and be disciplined.
  7. Being from outside europe is a plus, but not essential
  8. Follow instructions step by step. This is important, otherwise the dual will not be any use for the account.

What you will gain from being my dual:
  • Learn from a top player who has more than 10 years of experience.
  • See how a top account is developed and the strategy of a top player.
  • Being able to live the experience of real top account and be an active part of it.
  • Enjoy travian with a top player with many memorable moments to come.

Interested duals please send a PM to discuss details.

Thanks a lot!