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Thread: Birthday special feedback

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meldende View Post
    I'd prefer to have another server with the Ancient EU scenario (just start another server, no need for any development).
    definitely aEU based and NOT SE based!!
    NO cauldron.

    Not really as it's just basically a 'bonus' to the 'bonus' and again gives gold users and advantage.

    No Items
    Hmmmm can see where this is coming from but some hero items can define your troop making.
    Build inf or cav as an example.

    Again Hmmmmm
    This would depend on other variables to the 'terms' of going equipped or not,assuming it's a choice?
    How long before they could settle/chief another village.
    Would there be restrictions to troop building etc?

    Ideally I'd like to see another aEU based server with one,two maybe three things taken from SE.

    Maybe Merging?
    3rd option not sure about.

    About items/adventures...........

    Why not give the adventure a 'choice' of what to find.
    Maybe make 3 or 4 categories of adventure?

    Infrastructure - similar to watching a video you get x amount quicker build time,add 1 level etc
    Military - Find swords,helmets,armour etc etc
    Resources - Buckets,books or actual resources etc etc
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    Quote Originally Posted by CM Phanttis View Post

    this is the place to give feedback about the Ideas announced for this year's Birthday Special.

    When will the Birthday Special start please?


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