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Thread: [Travian: Legends] Changelog

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    Default Release Oktoberfest Patch 1.2 (2798) coming soon

    Dear players. Here is the changelog for the release Oktoberfest Patch – 1.2 2798 which will soon be implemented on both regular and RoA servers.

    Changelog & Rolloutplan
    T4.4 (Oktoberfest) Patch – 1.2 2798

    • Add a tool tip to the "You are under attack"-Icons - to explain the player a missing rally point.
    • Add links to the icons under the profile picture - to improve usability
    • Add star to the window with tabs - that people can choose their preferred default view

    • Rally Point: Troop Evasion: Attacking troops disappear when the defending account is a new account
    • Building: Adsales: upgrading doesn't start after watching the video
    • Refactor the dialogs - so that they are always centered correctly
    • Banned account: It is possible to contribute to alliance bonus and spend gold
    • Exchange the online state icons in the alliances - so players can easier differ between different states
    • Implement hero status pictures for different states - so we always show the artwork we have.
    • Quest reward text display overhauled - to improve stability of this part
    • Change the URL in the browser address bar while browsing the world map - so a reload doesn't open the map from scratch
    • Auctions: Not possible to place bid
    • Buildings: Not possible to cancel construction
    • RoA: Alliance Bonuses: The table Contribution of the week resets not once a week as is written in the title
    • RoA: Alliance: Bonuses: RTL: Scrollbar is displayed for the bonuses description in FF
    • RoA: Alliance: Bonuses: bonuses bars move location, bonuses buttons are displayed incorrectly when zoomed out with broswer
    • PaymentShopV2: Buy gold menu: Nothing happens when clicking on 'Buy gold' button
    • Marketplace: Send resources: Not possible to find village with more than 20 characters
    • RoA: Alliance Bonus: Progress bar: past bonus value labels should not be visible
    • ShopUIV2: packages break into the next line when they have the same size
    • RoA: Switching between mount and unmount doesn't update the hero speed text
    • Alliance: Message: Invitation IGM does not include link of inviting player and alliance
    • Payment: Image overlaps with price
    • Payment: Sitter is able to buy gold without having the rights
    • Support: Messages: Admin account names are not auto-suggested in the recipient field
    • Replace the ally member rights columns with a flags column - to make it more flexible
    • Marketplace: Buy: Paginator: Switching between ratios 1:1 and 1:х can produce empty results
    • Messages: The button which leads to Travian answers page is missed for Ignored players tab
    • Alliance options: Profile tab: The title of the position overlays the name of the user
    • Alliance: Members tab: The name of member is wrong when clicking on Specialization button
    • PaymentShop V2: new pop up size changes brake layout
    • Hero: Attributes: Village name/link is not displayed in the hero state, when attacking a village
    • Welcome Screen: Wrong display behaviour in Safari on Mac
    • Cut the V2 paymentshop a bit smaller - so that we support our minimal resolution better.
    • Change the artifact checks, so that the bonus could be 0
    • PaymentShop V2: Package image is stretched to the size of the package border
    • Disable the marketplace link in the overview - to give information and prevent errors
    • Crop balance overview: Oasis: Reinforcement: Consumption value depicted incorrectly
    • Hero Overview: Appearance tab: The arrow doesn't collapse the menu
    • Count higher train troops orders to the daily quests - so that we improved our daily quests based on player wishes
    • Only want to treat real 1:1 offers in the market place as 1:1 offers - so we remove a misleading protection feature
    • Regions: region unlock progress bar extends under map
    • Hero: Items: Unequipped stackable items do not always work on first click

    Status: approved
    Rollout: with downtime 5-15 minutes

    04.10.2016 ~08:00 UTC -- COM without Tournament
    05.10.2016 ~11:00 UTC --QUALIFICATION GAMEWORLDS

    Sorry for inconvenience.

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    Default Release T4.4 (Walrus) Patch 2.10 (2854) coming soon

    Dear players. Here is the changelog for the release T4.4 (Walrus) Patch – 2.10 (2854) which will soon be implemented on both regular and RoA servers.


    • Hero can be revived if crop consumption is negative through troops - but not if its negative through building's consumption.
    • Pushing protection message updated for RoA - to specify villages instead of players.
    • Progress bar of a alliance bonus shows now if contribution has started on next level in case a player contributed more then was required to finish current level.
    • Embassy: Accepting invitation checkmark is greyed out in case the inviting alliance has no open slots any more.
    • Resizing the browser window while being on the map page does no longer refresh the whole page
    • Village Overview - Warehouse Tab - Players are able to sort in columns by clicking on a headline.
    • Fools artefact - Now displays when its effect changes.
    • Background of Hero picture changes depending on whether they are defending, trapped or on the move.
    • Hero Tabs - Added bookmark function.


    • Hero: Auction: Filters on Buy and Bids tab lead to hero overview page
    • Report: Nature reinforcement reports contain incorrect reduced duration + arrival duration is not correctly calculated
    • Inactive player deletion can cause background job go into infinite loop
    • Alliance: Attacks reports: reports are not filtered by type of clicked icon
    • UI: Adventure: The text is not aligned from the right border
    • Village statistics: The attacks slot is empty while the new village is being settled
    • RoA: Reset Attributes: Resetting reduces current health if you have points spent in Regeneration
    • Alliance: Attacks reports: Nature as defender is not displayed at the table of reports
    • Resource view: incoming/outgoing troops:Click area too small
    • Gold Menu: Earn Gold: Referral link: Villages column shows incorrect information
    • Treasury: Small artefacts and Large artefacts tables are displayed not correctly in case there are no artifacts found
    • Alliance: Forum: The link 'to the forum' from any alliance always leads to the own alliance's forum page
    • Troop Merging: Gold cost calculation includes crop consumption
    • RoA: Alliance: Members: Missing attack icons
    • RoA: Alliance Bonus: Newly invited players still don't have bonus after lockout timer ends
    • Alliance: Bonuses tab: The text about reset time is not aligned
    • Bonus program: The player from non-RoA world gets 50 gold refferal when invited player on RoA world has 2 villages
    • Oasis: Not possible to send normal attacks to occupied oasis
    • Rally Point: Troop Evasion: Attacking troops disappear when the defending account is a new account
    • IE9: Resource fields background is transparent instead of gradient/any color
    • Low resolution map: button OK is not aligned
    • Building: Video: upgrading doesn't start after watching the video
    • Tutorial: The red circle as a tip for adventure get stretched from the right side in Firefox browser
    • Payment Shop: Players can buy Gold while account deletion countdown is started
    • Marketplace: Wrong coordinates saved when sending resources

    Status: Approved
    Rollout with downtime (~30 minutes):

    09.11.2016 ~ 09:00 UTC -- all COM gameworlds

    Sorry for inconvenience.

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    Default Release T4.4 (Walrus) Patch 20.3 (2866)

    Dear players. Here is the changelog for the release T4.4 (Walrus) Patch – 20.3 (2866) which will soon be implemented on both regular and RoA servers.

    Status: Approved
    Rollout with downtime (~15 minutes):

    22.11.2016 ~ 09:00 UTC -- all COM gameworlds

    What's new:


    • Enable modified female heroes for Iran in response to customers wishes
    • Make the whole mini-map bar clickable so the player doesn't have to click as accurately as before
    • Solved the problem "hero adventures end while hero is on the way” in response to player feedback
    • Create Twitter client for using Twitter API to prepare for Twitter integration
    • Announce truce via info-box to increase player awareness
    • Offer multiple recipients for IGMs in response to players' wishes

    Fixed bugs

    • RoA - Hero: Attributes: Changing hero appearance didn't change the image in the "Attributes" tab
    • RoA - Alliance Bonuses: Contribute x3 button didn't work
    • RoA - Rally Point: Troops could not reach any oases and did not return
    • RoA - Daily Quests: One or two counts were occasionally awarded for "gain or spend Gold" when quests reset
    • Embassy: Region tab appeared on vanilla worlds
    • Alliance - Forum: The link "to the forum" was visible when it shouldn't have been
    • Alliance - Attacks Reports: Reports were not filtered by the type of clicked icon
    • Alliance - Profile: "To the forum" link was no longer visible for all players
    • Alliance - Forum: The "to the forum" link from any alliance always led to the player's own alliance's forum page
    • Rally Point - Troop Merge: Incorrect amount of troops were merged if reinforcements arrived while the merge page was open
    • A visual detail was adjusted on the welcome and introduction screen to be consistent with the design
    • A tweet limit was introduced to the Twitter interact class in order to prevent annoyance for players
    • Hero - Auction: Filters on the "Buy and Bids" tab led to the hero overview page
    • The Gold button has been replaced by a disabled Gold button if the trap slots have been used
    • A link to the embassy is shown in the invitation IGM so that players have a shortcut and additional information
    • The online status icons were changed back on the alliance member page in response to players' wishes
    • Troop Merging: It was possible to see anyone's troops
    • Beginner's Protection: Natars could not be attacked when using the map while the protection was active
    • Barracks: Players could train double troops if they didn't have enough resources for the second group
    • ShopV2 - Registration: TGException error occured when registering a player with GoldShopV2 enabled
    • Main Page - GTL (Gold Transfer Link): Target player could not be found if their username had a space
    • Buildings - Train Troops: Research troops text was displayed incorrectly
    • Medal generation has been sped up
    • Sitter was able to use Gold to merge the troops despite not having the required rights
    • The precision of hero health regeneration has been increased
    • We wanted to have instant feedback when opening the payment shop

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    Default T4.4 (Walrus) Release 42 (2874)

    Dear players. Here is the changelog for the release T4.4 (Walrus) Patch – 42 (2874) which will soon be implemented on both regular and RoA servers.

    Status: approved (with downtime 5-15 min)

    07.12.2016 ~14:00 UTC -- All COM gameworlds

    What's new:

    Features & changes

    • All planned and ongoing merchant activities are canceled when the village is conquered
    • The edit player's profile page is adjusted to contain aligned elements
    • Players are redirected to the original URL after login
    • Each tab in the payment pop-up is accessible via URL
    • RoA: Quest - "Train 3 settlers" quest is completed as soon as the player trains 3 settlers
    • Gloria medals are now kept when the email address is changed

    Fixed bugs

    • Hero: Items: Auction: It was not possible to sell your gelding for 100 silver even if you already had another horse
    • Hero: Attributes: Dead hero information: Gold exchange button was inactive when there was enough resources
    • Hero: Auction: Bids: It was not possible to delete a bid (the player was redirected to the attributes tab)
    • Dead hero information: Attributes: When the Gold exchange button was shown, the clock had the wrong layout
    • Dead hero information: Mozilla: The text next to the exchange button was not aligned to the left
    • Rally Point: Troops were added to the village before they arrived, causing them to be deleted in very rare occurrences
    • Rally Point: Settle village: Double clicking the settle button sent two groups of settlers
    • IGMs: Reports: Mark as unread did not update the unread items bubble
    • IGMs: Messages from other players could not be deleted
    • IGMs: Messages to yourself could not be deleted on the first attempt
    • Earn Gold: The table did not update immediately when the Gold was awarded
    • Gold menu: Advantages: The bonus countdown timer did not update
    • Artifact: Artifact of the fool failed to activate the effect of increasing cranny capacity (500 , 200)
    • Auctions & Player deletion: Multiple problems occurred while the deleted player was the highest bidder
    • Alliance: Members: Online status was displayed incorrectly
    • Tab: Tabs moved down slightly after mouse-over
    • Troops: Combat: Catapults would hit targets in the wrong order
    • Options: Account: Account deletion did not show the timer (except after refreshing)
    • Sitter: When a sitter wrote an IGM, the note "written by sitter" was no longer included
    • Treasury: Artifact of the fool sometimes did not cancel its effect after being changed
    • Residence/Palace: Loyalty generated without a residence/palace
    • End of game: System message did not fill the placeholders for alliances and players

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    Default T4.4 (Capslock) Release 1 (2890)

    Dear players.

    Here is the changelog for the r
    elease T4.4 (Capslock) – 1 (2890) which will soon be implemented on both regular and RoA servers.

    Status: approved
    Rollout: with downtime(~15 Minutes)
    10.01.2017 ~14:00 UTC

    What's new:

    The correct reason is now shown regarding why players can no longer send resources once the game world has ended

    Fixed bugs

    • WW: The Natar village building plan did not disappear after conquering an artifact
    • Auction – Silver exchange: Redeem confirmation could be triggered multiple times, resulting in more Gold being exchanged than depicted
    • RoA – Pushing protection: Raiding an occupied oasis did not allow resources to be collected
    • RoA – Alliance – Bonuses tab: Bonus overview box reset the collapse state on refreshing or changing pages
    • Residence/Palace: Level of building did not increase loyalty generation speed
    • Links to the customer service survey were displayed incorrectly in the in-game messages
    • Reports: Defending hero was displayed in the attacker table if attacking own village
    • Resource production: Crop production did not update in dorf1.php after activating crop bonus
    • Troop forwarding – Crop supply: Crop production did not update after forwarding troops from an oasis
    • Infobox – Resource bonus: Expiring bonus info box disappeared
    • Message system: Help center messages corrupted the IGM message view

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    Default T4.4 (Capslock) Release 28.2 (2914) Addition

    Dear players.

    Here is the addition to the Capslock release.Both 28.1 and 28.2 versions will be installed during the maintenance works (approx. 15 min) which will take place at 14:00 UTC 08.02.2017.

    • An updated user interface for upgrading buildings has been implemented
    • The rally point's oasis overview has been improved
    • Once a game world has ended, the oases window now shows the same relevant tool-tips as the village overview
    • Players are now informed when we cancel an auction

    Fixed bugs

    • The "sent" column's title in reports and messages has been corrected
    • Rally Point – Forward: Troops went missing after forwarding for the second time, but they still used crop
    • Map – Oasis: The link for raiding unoccupied oases was incorrectly disabled
    • Gloria – Medals: The medal tool-tip showed "???" instead of the player's name since non-Latin characters were missing
    • Ban – Unoccupied Oasis: Banned players could not open unoccupied oases
    • Daily Quests: Players received points for training troops without actually training troops
    • Profile: The text was not wrapped correctly within the box after saving

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    Dear players. The date of the previous update has been changed. This update will take place on the 08.02.2017 ~14:00 UTC.

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    Default T4.4 Pineapple 12 Update

    Here is the information for the upcoming update to all servers running T4.4

    It will be rolled out on 15.03.2017 15:00 GMT+1

    Expected downtime for this update will be 15 to 45 minutes

    - Players can now use the master builder when enough resources are in stock, even if no building slot is available.
    - Alliance names can no longer be changed after a game world has ended.

    Fixed Bugs
    - Alliance: Confederacy forums were no longer shown after reopening the page.
    - Marketplace: Incoming merchant events were canceled after the village was conquered.
    - Vacation & Oasis: Players were unable to enter vacation mode if there were still ongoing attacks on an oasis that they previously removed from their possession in the hero's mansion.
    - UI: The description for the cranny as well as other buildings was covered by a building image in the French language version.
    - Daily Quests: There was an incorrect text variable in the "Win an auction" quest.
    - Main Building & Demolish: A bug made it possible to demolish a building while it was still being upgraded.
    - IGM: Clicking on the "Received" or "Sent" column did not sort the messages by time.
    - Deletion: IGMs from deleted players could not be read.
    - Report & Rally Point: The number of surviving troops was displayed incorrectly in the battle report due to a rounding error.
    - Attributes: The available points weren't displayed when the "Attributes" section was closed.
    - Attributes: The arrow didn't change direction after clicking on it.
    - Attributes: The orange label "Please save your changes" appeared for a second while switching between different tabs in the hero overview.
    - Alliance: The system didn't provide any feedback after clicking the "Quit alliance" button if there was no embassy building.
    - Alliance & Invitation Mail: The link to the embassy was broken.
    - Statistics & General: Colons were missing in the displayed text.
    If you need a little help with game play Legend Answers

    If you are nervous about your post Forum Rules

    Keep the MH's at bay by knowing the Game Rules

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