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Thread: Question about chiefing a village....

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    Default Question about chiefing a village....

    Can you chief a village without first destroying the long as the loyalty is 0.00% or under the amount a couple of chiefs could reduce to zero...??? Or do you need to cat down the residence?

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    You've got to destroy the residence\palace in order of conquering village
    If you don't destroy, the loyalty won't go down

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    You must destrouy the residese/palace first...
    Btw, No matter how low is the loyality you must destroy it! (even if it`s 1%)

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    You will get a message saying that the residence/palace must be destroyed first.

    That's a trick some people use to save their village, keep on rebuilding their lvl 1 residence to buy time until they have enough to defend and/or snipe.

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    Here are some basic tricks to expect from people trying to save their village:
    1. they might rebuild or switch between residence and palace, so if you dont target both you might not destroy it.
    2. they can have the residence / palace time to be built in between chieftain waves, so that your first wave that aims at the residence hits and destroys something else, and the subsequent waves of chiefts cant chieft due to the residence being built.
    (guide on how to do that is HERE)
    3. they can do tablet sniping with the hero - so long as the hero is attached to the village (even if he is not in the village) he can tablet snip and instant up the village loyalty.

    Best way to chieft is to have as several chiefts in 3 waves land at or near the same second as the first attack.
    If you cant do this, then the best way to reduce the residence being rebuilt in between attacks is that when you first scout them, say they have a level 20 residence, well, you know they wont swap that in a hurry for a level 1 palace... so target the residence, AND destroy the main building - it improves your chances for a successful chiefting. The loss of 1 building is acceptable compared with the damage that can be done to the village if you dont do it.

    Other tricks I do is to scout regularly. I might send scouts the instant my attacks have been successful, and depending on how nooby my opponent is, I might send out scouts hourly, so that I can monitor any changes in residence, palace, wall, resources, defenses, etc. I would also scout surrounding villages and oasis (owned by same player) looking for changes in troop numbers.

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