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    I use to play this game quite awhile ago and recently got back on with server 2. I have noticed that cages seem to be a little overpowered and the fact they get bought and cranked in price near the end of an auction supports this in my opinion.

    I'm wondering if there is any type of balance being looked at them for newer servers and what kind of impact they have on the late game.

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    Cages are good only in early stages....they're "a bit" useful in endgame ONLY if they're too many in numbers...cages are like traps, good only in begining & 'a bit' useful in end only if there are too many.
    Normally, players try to save silver while buying cages, ie they dont put up high bids right from start like they do for artworks,hand items,helmets,etc.
    thats why, majority of cage buying happens only when less time is left for the bid to end.Another reason for doing it very late,is that if you outbid someone 20 mins before the auction ends,you give that person 20 mins to outbid you,but if you outbid him at last min,you give him just 4 minutes to outbid you...thereby increasing the rate of success in buying the cage.

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    I think it's cranked near the end because they don't want to end up with too many or at the wrong prices and it gives others less time to outbid you.

    Cages are pretty useless during later parts of the game. But I am a bit surprised that some players catch like thousands of animals to defend their village from mid to end game and not make their own defenses, waste of silver. It's fun when I send my troops to clear all their animals.

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    Well if you usesthem just check the animal def points before (there are big differences):
    however early game depends on your hero -> if your hero is strong you can easily clear animals from villages as well as from oasises, it's not a big deal :P ( unles extreme situatuins, like 100+ elephants, that's mad)

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