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Thread: Second village,what to do first

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    Default Second village,what to do first

    I`ll make a 15 c in a couple of hours.What do I do there next?Train legos?Train EI`s?Make buildings?
    Also should i make a lv 10 palace there for next village as a 15 c is supposed to be my capital,no?Or I make a lv 10 residence and after that I demolish it and build a lv 1 palace so I can make this my main city.

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    I wished you had given more information regarding the distance between the 1st village and 2nd village.

    You can't really train legos until you have a good lvl warehouse in place and a good lvl mainbuilding to speed up upgrades. You will transport resources from your 1st village to 2nd village to pump up that village as soon as possible. Are there any threats nearby that are going to come after your 15c? If yes, then you might eventually want to throw some defenses in there.

    I would make a palace for the 15c capital but don't set it as capital yet unless you know someone is going to take that village from you. If that 15c is under threat, having a palace would allow you to set it as capital when someone starts to chief it. You don't set it as capital yet, because once you switch capitals, your 1st village will be open to chiefing.

    However, if you want to save resources, you would build up lvl 10 residence, settle, demolish lvl 10 residence, and then build lvl 1 palace to have the option to make it capital later on. It all depends on how dangerous your area is whether you make palace or residence. Having a palace to make your 15c capital when you're getting chiefed is invaluable. But if your 15c is in a safe area, go ahead and make the cheaper residence.

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    Default *_*

    First you should focus on getting up Granary, Warehouse and Main Building. Also Marketplace if your planning on NPCing Wheat to other resources. After decent amount of ware+granary capacity, you can start shipping resources from your 1st village, was it next to it or 300 squares away, doesn't matter. With those resources get up Granary, Warehouse and Main Building even more. When you feel you have enough space for resources at that moment, go and raise first non-wheat resources. What, does this sound stupid? Its because they are there too and they will give you lots of resources in long run that helps you raise wheat fields. After that you should raise 1 wheat field to level 5 and build Mill. After that,(and before)its up to you but what I'd recommend if your not going to chief from your capital, raise your Palace altough it costs more it will give you those 3 expansion slots and nice amount of culture points.

    Good success to you on building your capital.
    Also remember, if there is risk that you might take stones in your capital(catapults),make sure to build Stonemason early

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    Noone nearby with catas/chiefs...
    One of you says:Make lv 10 residence and after demolish it and build palace,other one says build palace...I need more opinions.
    I wanna make a bunch of EI`s in capital but then I got noone to defend my village with.

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    Okay Celicni,,i will give u my opinion...

    If u want to make this cropper ur capital,,build a PALACE and train 3 senators but DON'T chief from ur will aid in ur conquests just to LOWER the loyalty...then upgrade the residence in ur first village to lvl 20 and found ur 3rd will be a little bit expenisve but very good on the long run..
    And then residence 10----> new village ---> residence 10 --> new village .....

    If u don't want this cropper to be ur capital,,build a residence and upgrade it to lvl 10 then found ur third village..

    To sum up
    CAPITAL ---> palace & 3 senators ((without chiefing from it))
    NON-CAPITAL ---> residence & 3 settlers to found ur new village...

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    You will get so many opinions on this one....

    Most players do not have a capital Off because they want to use Great Barracks and Great Stables and these are not available in the cap.

    For most players who want 3 chiefs with their off, they will have the cap non military for troop storage, will put the palace in there in order to make the 15c the cap then demolish and re-build in the off. Just because the palace is in a vill does not make it compulsary that you have to make it cap.

    Its down to personal choice, my own view is I like palace 15 rather than resi 20, it saves some 400k res. So I take the palace to 15 in a few vills using both slots, then demo'ing, before the palace ends up in the off vill for the chiefs. In recent times I have had my off chiefed so often I have gone against the usual method and am going for a capital off, slower to make but at least it cannot be chiefed.

    PS Unless there is a race for the 15c's, settling one as the 2nd vill is not usually the best idea, you need the non wheat res to feed in, I have 3 vills and have not settled mine yet, am still debating if I do it next or for V5
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    First off, congrats on settling a second village. At this stage chiefs are not your threat as no one will have them. So switching capitals should be done when you are ready to build lvl 11 crop fields. Also remember that switching your cap removes auto dodge for your start village (which should be your primary troop village at this point)

    First define what you want to do with your account. Are you going to be an offensive account with a noncap and cap hammer? Or just stick to a cap hammer? Or are you playing defensive?

    I usually always start off with a palace because its going to be my capital, generates a lot of CP, and its cheaper to upgrade to lvl 15 than residence to lvl 20. I usually have a noncap be my primary hammer and 3 chief hammer so I settle my 3rd and 4th villages from my capital. The goal here is to not have to settle from my 3chief hammer village (3rd village).

    If you are going to make your cap your primary hammer then the quickest and cheapest and quickest route is to make a residence in your 15c. settle your third, and later on in the game chief your 3rd from yourself to reopen the expansion slot to train 3 chiefs in your cap hammer.

    If you are ultimately going to play defensive then residence to lvl 10 destroy palace lvl 1 will be the quickest and cheapest route to expand.

    Above advice about upgrading first village residence to lvl 20 to settle third will slow you down drastically and i would never advise.

    Advice on what to build: build up your MB warehouse granary and marketplace if NPCing. and RP to see if any incoming attacks. You are roman so you should be leveling up fields at the same time as building infrastructure. once you have a decent storage in place build a barracks and start producing some legionnaires to farm with to help grow the village faster. Your primary goal should be to settle your third village as soon as possible. So use your resources efficiently and only for what is necessary.

    If you can sell some hero items for some large silver profits to turn into gold for NPC it is highly recommended. crop fields have the highest ROI so turning their production into usable resources will grow your account faster than anything else.

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    How far is your 1st village from 2nd village, roughly?

    If you are worried about defense, you can send defenses from 1st village to reinforce your 2nd village. For easier gameplay, you can make a cap hammer in your 15c capital because a cap hammer is unchiefable. If you have a regular hammer village, you will have to be very active in case someone wants to chief you in the future, non-cap hammer is quite vulnerable. Losing a hammer village is painful. Once you make your 3rd village, you can turn it into a defense village and make defense troops from that.

    Again, how dangerous is the area in your 2nd village? If there are very little chances of that village getting chiefed, you can build a lvl 10 residence, settle, demolish, and build lvl 1 palace to make it capital when you're ready, lvl 10 residence is cheaper than lvl 10 palace, especially in the beginning where you lack resources. Nobody can give you a direct answer since we don't know how dangerous is your 2nd village, is it something within 50/50 or something way out in the boonies (e.g 200/200 or father out)?

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