On champ server all throw all farming guides and strategies out the door. Everyone is way too active to farm with effect. Resign to playing to ultra conservative route and store all resources for ONLY settling a second village. Once you have more villages you will have more income because raiding is impossible in an active server.

In x2 champ server focus on resource production and storage and even crannies to get off the ground. being roman means you are likely to get some aggressive players to waste time on you. Dont let them get anything. and afford any losses of troops at all cost. any losses of resources means you wont be the first to settle that desireable cropper. Once you get that second village you need to push up the resource fields and storage as fast as possible. Without a raid income things will take longer, but many players will waste resources on raiding with a net 0 income and resources wasted not progressing to towards village expansion.