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Thread: Lack of food bug?

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    Default TS9.COM server

    I am a new player still under beginner's protection.

    Just before the server update, I am at negative crop production. In the past when I shift my hero back to crop bonus (to create a net positive production), I was able to continue building buildings and other resources. After the server update

    (1) Above method does not work.

    (2) Even when I increased crop production to zero (without hero) and positive (with hero), I cannot build anything but crops.

    (3) When I increase crop production to postivie (without hero), I am able to build non-food resource, but still buildings like markets are locked.

    Please investigate, ty.

    server 9, .com

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    Default Lack of food bug?

    I can't build anything but cropland because it says lack of food. My crop production is +26 with my hero set to 40.

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    Default Croplocked after server update? TS6

    Hi guys,

    After the server 6 update, i've been croplocked and can't figure out why.. i have +9 crops and thats without the hero boosting it with +50

    Anyone else experiencing this?


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    Default Cropp bug?

    Until today patch/server 6 update all was OK is cropp consumption.

    Afther the patch / server update all i get when trying to build something is - Lack of food: extend cropland first!

    But: - My cropp ballance is 66/101
    - Production per hour: crop 35

    So is a bug or what?

    Hero´s production of 21 and gold +25% is not applied anymore, as i do not see another answer?

    I build 3 more croplands from 1 to 2. Same - Lack of food: extend cropland first!
    I have only 4 soldiers…

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    Default A new bug?

    Hi! I have +20crop per hour and max amount of crop in granary but yet I can not build or upgrade anything,
    It is written: Expend cropland first!

    I play on server 6 newly opened.

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    This is no bug but a game update as described here.
    You've got a question? You can find the answer here: T2.5/T3 Answers / T4 Answers / New User Moderation

    Moderators work on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

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