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Thread: Conquer a NMew Village

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    Lightbulb Conquer a NMew Village

    How can I conquer a village with Chief?
    How can I conquer a village with cats & without chief?
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    What is a NMew village?

    You conquer a village with chief by catting down the palace/residence and sending in lots of chiefs to lower loyalty to 0.

    You can't conquer village without chief.

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    Gdazn is correct, just take out the residence / palace and attack with the chieft until the loyalty is zero and its yours.
    if someone settled on a square that you wanted for yourself, then you can catapult them until their village dissappears.

    If you have never captured a village before, then you really need to just get a chieft or two and have a go.

    Best way to be good at chiefting others is to have several 'chiefting vills' where you keep 'all expansion slots open' that means they cant have settled a village yet. Researching chiefts is expensive, so this is the most effective way of having 2-3 chiefts per village. Normally you can only get 2 chiefts per village, however, if you build the palace to level 20, get 3 chiefts, demolish it then build it in the next village. This way you can have multiple villages with 3 chiefts each, and time each of the attacks to hit the target at the right time (making sure that the residence / palace is destroyed) and bingo the village is yours.

    Having 1 chieft is not very effective, however, having 2 or more chiefts will drop the loyalty alot faster. For example, 3 chiefts with a large party running (gives a bonus to the chiefts) should drop the loyalty by over 70%.

    I dont want to deter you, but here are some things to watch out for when chiefting:
    1. People like to snipe the subsequent waves of chiefts (so make sure each wave has offense troops)
    2. Residence /palace sniping (where its timed to be built after the first wave hits, but before the next wave of chiefts hits. Some people do this manually while others do it using the gold club) so each wave needs to cats to target both residence and the capital.
    3. some times you scout someone and you see they have a residence, they know you will target that so sometimes they swap that with a palace -> so always target both.
    4. Tablet sniping -> if there is even a second between waves it is possible for someone to use enough tablets to increase the village loyalty. Just keep each wave very close together to reduce tablet sniping.
    5. Some people like to switch their capitals at the last second, as capitals cant be chiefted.
    6. Some people throw large parties which makes your chiefts less effective.
    7. Some people will get others to LOWER the loyalty of their own villages, this way your first wave captures it with offense troops, your subsequent waves attack your own offense troops, and they then time their own troops to destroy your troops and recapture their own village back.

    final point, often when capturing a village, there will be some buildings destroyed by your catapults, as well as the pop can drop if your larger then the person you took the village from.
    Additionally, if your capturing a village from a different tribe to you, all their special tribe buildings vanish. Your gonna want to aim for a min 300 pop to be really worth the effort.

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    Default .

    Also notable thing is that all researches on Academy, Blacksmith and Armoury disappear, as well wall.
    On first thing after capture, you should start building Residence up and send defensive troops from other villages to protect it from counter-capturing. Caution! All your troops aiding in attack stay as reinforcements after successfull conquer, so they should immediately sent back(or, if your smart, you send defensive troops along offense during attack)

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