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Thread: 2x vs 3x

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    Default 2x vs 3x

    The troops speed is same for 2x & 3x.
    Is the training time for troops same too?

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    No. Troop training time in 3x and 2x are not the same. And also, I think troops in 3x go twice as fast as troops in a normal server while in 2x, troop speed is the same as a normal server.

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    Natarian Knight
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    2x Server:
    Resources are 2x
    Building build times are 2x
    Merchants move 2x
    Troop travel 2x
    Troop build times are 2x

    3x Server:
    Resources are 3x
    Building build times are 3x
    Merchants move 3x
    Troop travel 2x
    Troop build times are 3x

    This is from actual experience unless they made some changes in T4. I guess they made troops travel 2x in a 3x server because if they move 3x, TTs will reach their neighbors within a few minutes which is quite scary.

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    Think of Theutates Thunders with level 20 Tournament Square and 3x speed artifact even on normal server, then moving to 2x speed...57 squares per hour in 30 square area on normal, 171 after 30 squares... Then on speed 114 in 30 sq area and 342 after that...

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