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Thread: How is natar strength calculated

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    Default How is natar strength calculated


    Anybody who can explain this - I mean, natars has no troops, and according to Killiroid, it should not be possible to loose troops, even if the natars should have a lvl 20 city wall (thats why I set up the raid like this in the first case). My troops are : Imps, lvl 18 upgrade, EI's lvl 18 upgrade and ECs , lvl 8 upgrade.
    Travians build in combat simulator can't calculate what will happen against natars, so my only source is killiroid. But it was not trustable here. I entered the natars with their total population.

    Its server 8 by the way.

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    Village base defense value, all villages have them. That's why if you only send one of anything to attack, he will die. Automatic.

    (And just because my OCD is acting up: I hope mean that in this particular case that there were no defending Natar troops, as opposed to Natars not being able to produce troops at all. Its a well known and documented fact that Natars have tendencies to spawn troops. And its possible for Natars to attack [if the village is in the gray zone]. Sorry if that's not what you meant, but I wanted to make sure. Like I say, my OCD was tingling )


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    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

    Sorry, but ots a very weird responce, 5Eis , 5imps, 5Ecs, all upgraded and you talk about base village deffence, which may kill phalanks in rare cases. It should be nowwhere close to killing this due to base deffence, as stated wall should not even. A mix of troop types is designed in either case to split the damage, and to make sure troops don't die.

    Can anybody venture a qualified response?

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