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Names are nothing but arbitrarily selected labels placed upon individuals by people around them and/or the establishment. Their purpose is only to allow for rapid intensification during communication in situations where other more precise means like your social security number would be unpractical. As such, the particular that is one chosen has little or no significance provided that one exists at all. To say anything else would be to claim form over function.
You need to see it from a subjective POV, say you walk into a used car salesplace area thing. Would you approach the salesman named "Joe McFriendly" or "Adolph Babyeaterson"?

Also, some name's are more memorable than others. Helps when u wanna become known or famous Imagine if Justin Bieber was called James Smith >.>

+rember just in videogames, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't take a guy named "Urmama6969" seriously...