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Thread: Rewards for Max Level Heroes

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    Default Rewards for Max Level Heroes


    I originally passed on my suggestion to Multihunter Bloodbane. In his reply, he suggested that my message should be posted to the forums as it deals with recommendations for the game rather than potential rule violations.

    Someone in my guild suggested a new item and wanted to forward the idea to Travian's staff, but they were too timid to contact you themselves.

    And, not without reason, as the idea might, at first glance, appear somewhat facetious.

    While discussing our recent victories on this server, it was suggested that a new item become available only to heroes which have obtained maximum level. But not by way of quests. Rather, because lower level heroes have something to gain while raiding their opponents, members of my alliance suggested that maximum level heroes ought to have a little extra incentive to destroy their foes.

    Therefore, I present, on behalf of my alliance mates, Magical Toilet Paper- a one time, extremely rare reward for utterly annhilating a roughly equally ranked opponent's forces. Perhaps, it could be a medal or some such.

    Anyway, we leave it to the dedicated and competent minds of Travian to figure out the precise details.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Death McDoom

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    Or maybe you would be reinforced with an Uber Rat of olden times?

    The fact that your hero is an army in it's own right isn't enough? And with a fully maxed hero and an army accompanying him, every item slot becomes precious. Your hero's level is already available in the statistics page, if you feel like gloating.

    Your map hand is now holding toilet paper... Well maybe he runs 15% faster back to your village to use it?
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