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    ((This character sheet is in progress...))

    Character Sheet:
    Name: Felix
    Gender: male
    Age: 14
    Number: 8
    Description: A young 14 year old kid with nothing remarkable about him. Has messed up hair and ...
    Background: -
    Starting Point: A small suburban town in central US
    Ceped: -

    Powers Sheet:
    Minor Power (Purely Defensive/Weak Offensive/Misc Powers):
    1.) Invisibility – This power seems to extend not only to sight but to other senses as well (sound, smell, magic senses) meaning that he is excessively hard to pick out even by the most trained observer.

    Like you can track him to the room he is in by that magic thing. But you can't tell if he is hiding under the bed or behind the pillar unless he does something stupid like run to tip you off. Also, I can't use my other powers while I am invisible (sense excluded since it's passive).

    2.) Sense – Felix can sense the Mogadorians when they are close. It's not precise thou nor does it have a set range but rather just a feeling of dread and cold. It's more of a spider sense than anything else.

    3.) Precognition – Felix can sense things before they happen, in particular things like attacks against him and what someone is just about to do. This translates to a sort of sixth sense for him that allows him to react with stunning speed. For example, if someone was to draw a gun and shoot him he could activate his force field fast enough to easily stop the bullet. It's not actual prophecy stuff. He can't see into the future on demand and tell you what is about to happen.

    Medium Power (Defensive/Offensive):
    1.) ???

    2.) Shield – Can create a nearly impenetrable (metaphorically) force field around him self. He does this both actively and instinctively when he is terrified or threatened. Some times it's just an impulse when it ties in with Precognition.

    Main Power (Purely Offensive):
    1.) Destroyer – Felix lashes out with his mind to hurt and destroy a target. The actual damage can take many forms like lacerations and cuts or even physical impacts and bending/crushing. The end effect thou is the full rage of a rather angry mind beating the target up.
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