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    It's the year 1854; the reign of Queen Victoria. Britain's industry is flourishing, and she has become the largest empire under the sun. By day, a bustling, busy machine of work and labour - by night, a silent metropolis. Quiet, 'cept from the near-silent sizzling of the lanterns, which are attempting to light the urban jungle which is London. And then a shadow darts past. But there's nothing there. Tricks of the mind perhaps? Maybe... bu-

    There's a scream. And everything goes hush-quiet. 'Cept from the near-silent sizzling of the lanterns.


    Hey all, Mighty Cheese here. I'm from the .uk forums, but our 'Creative Writing' section has died - so I decided I'd check out .com's (in's has also died). I'm a bit of a RP veteran

    Firstly however,


    * You must tag out of character posts with either a double parentheses '((your writing here))', or 'OOC: your writing here'.
    * You must be able to spell and punctuate in a rough semblance of the english language.
    * My word is final
    * No godmodding.
    * Read this Post.

    This RP is a freeroamer - there is NO plot, you just play how you want. This should help rid the place of clutter that may appear in 'plotted' Roleplays. I may, however, introduce some plot elements, depending on how sucessful this is.

    In my roleplay, you are in the year 1854, London. You play as one of three races:

    * Vampire
    * Werewolf
    * Human/Hunter

    You are limited to just these three races.
    The three factions are all at war with each-other - upon choosing your race, you'll be flung into a conflict.

    Combat (basic)

    Player against NPC (or environment - from here on referred to as 'PvE') is acted as in a normal Roleplay - you control both people's actions, and control the outcome.
    However, here's a little twist.

    In PvP (Player vs Player), the enemy has a chance to fight back. Using a turn-based combat system, and a list of predefined moves, you will fight your opponent. The list of moves can be found further down...

    Through these fights, you will gain Experience - which, when gathered enough of, will grant you a new level of power. Through 'levelling', you can get new moves - aswell as more health (HP) and Action points (AP).

    In addition to this, through your fights, you might find items - which will boost your skills. These fights will be difficult, and probably require the aid of friends.

    The races in detail:

    Vampires: Infected Humans, usually of great age. Infected by a bite, or a curse, the human will normally die, and be reborn as a vampire. With super strength, these fiends kill both quickly and efficiently. As a vampire, you will deal more damage than your Human and Lycan counterparts. Almost invincible - dies only with a stake through the heart. However, vulnerable to silver, and signs of Christ. Weaker in sunlight than in darkness.

    Werewolves/Lycans: As with above, an infected human - the host is normally cursed, however, if the blood of a human is touched by a lycan, the human is infected. Upon transformation, grows in size - resulting in increased health points. However, weak to silver. Sunlight also weakens the Lycans.

    Humans/Hunters: A hunter of supernatural - armed with a variety of weaponry and traps to fight the said beings. The innovativity of the human race grants the hunters extra AP, to better combat the Lycans and Vampires. Not as physically strong or enduring as the Lycans or Vampires, but isn't weakened by any particular item. However, cannot see in the dark.


    Werewolf: Slaughterer (+2 Damage against Humans), Blessed-Claw (+2 Damage against Vampires, Unspecialised (+1 Damage against both)

    Vampire: Blood-Drinker (+2 Damage against Hunters), Grudge-Bearer (+2 Damage against werewolves), Unspecialised (+1 Damage against both)

    Hunter: Stake-Driver (+2 damage against Vampires), Silverblade (+2 Damage against Werewolves), Unspecialised (+1 Damage against both)


    Combat Stats:

    Werewolf: (Increased Health)
    Vampire: (No stat bonuses, but their moves have higher damage - see the 'Skills List')
    Human: (Extra AP)
    If these bonuses create too much Imbalance, I will modify them.

    Creating a Character

    So, all this stuff about races and combat is all great, but how do you make a character? Well it's simple. What you do is use this layout sheet:

    Forum Name:
    Equipment/Weapons (if any):
    Intro Post (please post this so I can gauge your ability to RP):

    Basically, Copy and paste this when you wish to make a character, and fill in the spaces with your character's information.

    Current Characters:





    To-do List:

    * A map
    * More Skills


    This is just a taster of a work in progress, and is not yet open. If you wish to help with it, please message me - I am currently working alone, and I hope for it to mirror, if not exceed, .in's SSS.



    If you have any ideas for moves, please message me.
    Each race, and within this, each specialisation, has certain moves available for use. Below are tables showing the moves, their damage, their AP cost, a small description, and what level is required to use them:

    Werewolf - Basic

    Werewolf - Slaughterer

    Werewolf - Blessed-Claw

    Werewolf - Unspecialised
    Vampire - Basic

    Vampire - Blood-drinker

    Vampire - Grudge-bearer

    Vampire - Unspecialised

    Hunter - Basic

    Hunter - Stake-Driver

    Hunter - Silverblade

    Hunter - Unspecialised

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    Name:Gordon Olia
    Specialization: Over many years he has perfected the art of attacking with great force and then quickly retreating into a defensive crouch. Which is a move in the Grudge bearer special. ((Please approve))
    Age:Though truly 80 years old he appears to be nineteen.
    Appearance: Angular maybe the only way people ever seem to be able to describe him. His appearance always seems to be shifting and his face just can't stick in people head.
    Biography: Over many years a great hate came into Gordon's heart of werewolves for what they made him to be and even greater of humans and what they forced him to become. and At age nineteen he felt a strange presence behind him and he leaped around use all the force of his young and agile body and wildly grabbing an old iron bar as a weapon but he was outmatched terribly outmatched by the werewolf who began to curse him...and it went wrong terribly wrong...He became a vampire and struck down the werewolf.
    Equipment/Weapons (if any): A bow with silver arrows but even if it is dangerous being a vampire near to silver even more damaging the arrows are to were wolves. He has a shield and sword both made of devil's metal (Wolfram) that are the only even mildly useful thing against "holy" materials.
    Intro Post (please post this so I can gauge your ability to RP :P): Doesn't my profile tell you enough?
    Nice to see you here M C and the CW forum isn't really all that dead. But it is pretty dead. I am trying to get the other forum buddies to come . I can't PM except for once a day so will post here if that is OK then delete once it starts.

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    Forum Name: lukern
    Name: Luxor
    Race: Werewolf
    Specialisation: He is fast and agile, he is almost quick enough to dodge silver arrows.
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Red eyes, torn up trousers, long claws, sharp teeth
    Biography: As a young boy Luxor had a happy life in London with a girlfriend and his parents but one day as they were walking down the dark streets of London
    he kept on having the feeling as if someone was watching him. Suddenly a tall werewolf jumped in front of the young couple and blocked their path. Luxor tried to fight off the predator - knowing he would fail - to protect his girlfriend. The werewolf floored Luxor and bit his veins. In a instant he became one of them...
    Equipment/Weapons (if any): Short golden dagger.
    Intro Post (please post this so I can gauge your ability to RP): While lurking through the streets of London he caught glimpse of a young man walking down the dark streets. He slowly sneaked upon the man and in the darkness of that night a scream of terror filled the streets as the man was pierced through the heart. Luxor continued searching for more prey but when he noticed the sun slowly rising he quickly escaped to his hiding place.

    OOC: The table with skills and levels is messed up.

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