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Thread: Hammer Analysis

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    you haven't added hero's items.
    That'll make some difference too.

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    True, altough if your talking to me, I only play T3.6 or older versions, T4 is for me horrible... But thats only my opinion.

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    T4 has some pros and cons. Servers will keep on updating to the new ones. So if you only play 3.6 or older, that will greatly limit which server you get to choose to play.

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    I agree that this is a good (but flawed analysis) for hammer.

    you have ommited so many factors affecting it.

    Hammer isnt just pure attack you even have to consider the defense of the target you are going to hit.
    If it was only depended on attack no one would play anything else then a tut.

    The sample attack you presented here lets say for tuts contains 650 k max for cav dmg now consider sending that to a well defended (cavalry defended to be precise ) then you will be toast .
    Morever you ignored the hero bonus ( items bonus , his offensive bonus and the production speed boost bonus) along with the no of heros defending the target.

    like this guy said go in game and see the real result for there are tremendous amount of factors which can make a hammer go wrong ( a simple miss click to start with ) and what he really meant was not to flame you but to go and actually test things in game. ( no i dont know him and i dont even care)
    Quote Originally Posted by MOD TiGGy~ View Post
    All i can say to analysis like these, get off your calculators and start playing the game.

    Quote Originally Posted by kirilloid View Post
    At least, do not reinvent the wheel.
    There's a calculator for hammers already.
    hatsoff to you my friend , from as long as i can remember your site has helped more then the travian officals could.

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