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Artifact Information and FAQ

How to capture:
Attack a village that holds the artifact you wish to conquer. You must destroy any standing Treasury and send your hero on normal attack. This can be a single wave, but the hero must live. The village that sends the hero must have an empty Treasury of the appropriate level (10 for small, 20 for large/unique).

From the announcement:
More steady Buildings
All buildings are 2 or 3 times stronger ( 5 times for the unique artifact). This means that you will need
more catapults to damage buildings protected by this artifact's powers.

Faster Troops
Troops are 1.5 or 2 times faster (3 times for the unique artifact)

Less wheat consumption
All troops in the artifact's range use 25% less wheat with the account-wide artifact, 50% less wheat with the village artifact, and 50% less wheat for the whole account with the unique artifact.

Faster troop building
Troops are built 25% faster with the account-wide artifact, 50% faster with the village artifact, and 50% faster for the whole account with the unique artifact.

Building plan for Great Warehouse and Great Granary
With that building plan you are able to build the Great Granary or Great Warehouse in that Village or
the whole account depending on the artifact. As long as you posses that artifact you are able
to build and enlarge those buildings.

Larger Cranny and random-aim
Crannies hold 100 times more resources with the account-wide artifact, 200 times more resources with the village artifact, and 500 times more for the unique artifact. Catapults can only shoot random on villages within this artifacts power. Exceptions are the WW and Treasure Chamber when you have the unique artifact only.

Better Scouts + show incoming troops
All Scouts are 3 times stronger with the account-wide artifact, 5 times stronger with the village artifact, and 10 times stronger for the whole account with the unique artifact. In addition with all versions of this artifact you can see the incoming TYPE of troops but not how many there are.

Artifact of the Fool
Every 24 hours it gets a random effect, bonus, or penalty (all are possible). They change effect AND
scope every 24 hours. The unique artifact only takes bonus effects.

Each type will have 6 small, 4 large, and 1 unique artifact, spawned around the map. Small artifacts affect only the village, large artifacts affect the account, as do unique accounts. However, the artifact of the fool will change scope and effect every 24 hours. Also, the steadier building artifacts all work for the whole account.

Q&A/Random points:
Name, as well as effect, will be listed in the Treasury.

All artifacts spawn randomly in a certain area - radial from center (0|0) and equal in all 4 quadrants. Unique artifacts are displayed close to center (roughly 0->50 all directions), large artifacts (50->150 all directions), small artifacts (150->300 all directions)

Natar defenses will be greatest for unique artifacts, least for small artifacts. The exact strength will vary from server to server, based on the average hammer strength.

Artifacts held by an account that is deleted will be deleted. The game admin may have the lost artifacts respawned.

If a village with an artifact is zeroed, it will be completely destroyed, but remain on the map, artifact intact.

Account-wide artifacts affect the WW village, but not the WW building.

Artifacts do not go into effect until 24 hours after they are captured. 12 hours on speed servers.

Players may only hold 3 hero conquered artifacts (only one may be account scope) at a time. This works like oases, but is account specific, not related to the hero or village. Losing one opens the opportunity to take another.

Conquering a village with an artifact will transfer ownership of the artifact, regardless of how many artifacts the conqueror owns. However, only the 3 longest held artifacts will be active (single longest held account-scope artifact).

Building stability affects are multiplied to the stonemason. The 4x village scope artifact and a lvl 20 stonemason make buildings 12x more stable.

Building stability artifacts affect walls.

Crop consumption artifacts work in the WW village and in conjunction with the Horse Drinking Trough. The HDT bonus takes effect first, then the artifact bonus. However, the artifact bonus is applied to all the troops at once, rounded up. Example: a lvl 15 HDT and 50% small artifact. 1 EI will consume 1 wheat. 2 EI will consume 1 wheat.

Troop speed artifacts work exactly like the Tournament Square, without the 30 space restriction. The bonuses are multiplicative, once the TS takes effect.

Effects of random target artifact.
-If the attacker targets a resource field, any resource field may get hit
-If the attacker targets a building, any building may get hit
-If the attacker targets the Wonder of the World, the hit succeeds
-If the attacker targets the Treasury, the Treasury is hit except if the defender owns the unique artifact. In that case any building may get hit.

Village scope artifacts will overwrite the effect of any account scope artifact of the same type.

The Artifact of the Fool can take the effect of any other, except the construction plans for the Wonder of the World and the Great Warehouses and Granaries.