Dear players,

We are happy to announce that the graphic packs are now activated on all .com servers.

Here are some changes and things you should consider:
  • The graphic packs have now a new structure.
    1. The graphic packs now consist of the folder "img" (pictures), "lang/[language]" (language related pictures e.g. buttons), and "modules" (includes .css files for letters, tables, pictures - for ltr as well as for rtl).
    2. Furthermore new and important files exist:
      1. "travian.css": in this file the used modules out of the folder "modules" are put together.
      2. "lang/[language]/gp_check.css": it is only possible to activate the graphic pack if these are correct.

    Due to this the old graphic packs will no longer function.
  • You can download the standard graphic pack in order to have a template for own graphic packs.

Best regards,
The Travian Team