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Thread: Game Rules - Your Questions

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    Thanks a lot. I think it's funny too.
    Works great! Thank you for posting this.

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    Regarding rule changes. If the rules change in the middle of one server, does that server need to follow the new rules or old rules? This is specifically related to the 1 hour one sided transfer rule, however a general statement would be helpful.

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    Can I use this thread to ask for clarification on the Rulles of this forum as well as the Travian Game Rulles?
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    Am I allowed to ask for tribute? I asked for it but he said it is against the rules and I cant find it anywhere.
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    Yes. There are elephants as oasis guardians.

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    Default Where are MultiHunters to lodge Complaint!

    I have been going up and down the forum to find a link to lodge complaint to multi hunters but cannot see any.
    Please, tell me how do I lodge a complaint to multihunters?

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    Default Max Players on one acc

    Hi there..

    just a small but very importent Q.

    Is there a max number of players that can be one one acc ?

    im talking about dual acc. and tripple acc. is there a max ?

    Tnx. and have a great day

    Best regards


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    Default Arabic in Profile


    Is it against the game rules to have Arabic in my profile?

    if not, why was i asked to change it?

    I would like to have a satisfactory reason, for asking me to change my profile.

    Please respond.

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    Default Opening a new account after deleting an old account

    I have set my account to delete and would like to open a new account on the same srver (registration is still open S10) how long do i have to wait before I can open a new account

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    Default Blackmail

    I wasn't able to find a clarification in the General Terms of Service regarding blackmail. Specifically, would I be violating any rules by telling my neighbor that he should be producing more defenders for me or I will zero him?

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    someone will announce to multihunter claming that i use troop travel calculater. unfortunately i dont use it. will multihunter bann me from the game ? or do they have any kind of software which can detect if i am using troop travel calculater or not.

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