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    Original guide by Hoheim on the .NL forums. (
    English translation of text and pictures done by Goodenknight on .COM forums.

    Sitters are players on the same server who can access your account. This does not mean that everyone has access to your account, you can choose who you want as sitters. Every account can have a maximum of 2 sitters, and you yourself can also sit for 2 accounts. You can cancel a sitter any time you want.

    Possibilities a sitter has on your account
    Upgrading and constructing buildings and making troops
    Sending troops as reinforcement or raid (a normal attack is not possible, so a sitter cannot use catapults and cannot conquer a village)
    Sitters can access the marketplace so they can trade with others
    Reading and sending messages
    Demolishing buildings (main building level 10)

    Things that sitters cannot do

    Using your gold (except NPC in the marketplace)
    Using alliance options under ‘options’
    Changing your profile

    Advantages of having a sitter
    If you are away, they can watch your account
    They can make buildings and send troops, thus your village can continue to grow
    Especially if you are a newer player, you can set more experienced people as your sitters to give you advice. They can help you build your village.
    Reading and sending messages, so it does not look like that you are inactive if you do not open or respond to messages.

    Disadvantages of having a sitter
    They can demolish buildings, so a whole village can be destroyed if you are away for a weekend or on vacation.
    They can control your troops thus they can kill them all
    Sending messages under your name. Because of this they can make enemies for you.
    Seeing alliance attacks/news, if they are untrustworthy they can give that information to other people, so they can act as spies.
    You can lose all your gold if they use NPC until you have no gold anymore.

    As you can see, not everyone wants to have a sitter. Most of the times you chose a sitter who is your friend, or someone in the alliance who you can trust and know that all information is in good hands.

    Setting someone as a sitter
    If you decided to set someone as your sitter, you can set him or her in this way:
    Go to your profile (in the menu bar to the left, between instructions and logout. Then you go to your Account, and you will see this:

    image 1

    Here you can see exactly who your sitters are and whom you sit.
    If you want to set someone as sitter you will need to enter the name of the player in the appropriate space and click ‘save’ at the bottom of the screen. The person will then show up in the space below (as Player 1 in image 2).
    The player who you sit will show below that (Player 2 image 2).

    image 2

    If you want to cancel someone as sitter, or you want to stop sitting for someone else then all you need to do is to click on the red x.

    If you are sitting someone else, you surely would like to know how to access their account. This is very simple:
    Go to the login screen where you normally log in. Instead of entering your name, enter the player’s name that you are sitting for. In the example shown above this would be Player 2. As for password, enter the one you use to access your own account. Then click login, and you are logged in on your sitters account.

    Note: You cannot send resources from the account you sit to your own account. This is against the rules and you can be banned for this. You can only trade 1:1 ratio.

    Note: As read before, a sitter cannot send a normal attack, thus cannot catapult a village nor conquer one.

    Names that appear in this guide do not actually exist in game, so that means Player 1 and Player 2 are just used as an example.
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