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    Communicating with the Travian Team
    Original guide by W to the J on the .NL forums (
    English Translation of text and pictures by Nubbles on the .COM forums.

    From time to time, players may face the possibility that they have found someone who had broken the rules, and wish to report it. But how exactly do you do that?
    This is what this guide would guide you through; what you have to do and through which way your query could be answered as soon as possible. I provided illustrations to indicate what I am talking about, in case you get lost.

    What does the Team consist of?
    The Team in this country purely consists of volunteers, who dedicate their time and energy for the love of the game and players.
    .....Game Admin:
    The Game Admins (often referred to as GA) is the person who co-ordinates the Team, and is the driving force of the servers. The GA is responsible for the servers or countries he/she is assigned to, which includes any businesses which involves Multihunters and Supporters.
    There is also a Co-Game Admin in the .COM servers who serves the same purpose as the GA. He/she will support the GA of the server at which the GA is responsible for, and also substitute for the GA if he/she is unavailable, until the GA has returned.
    The Multihunters are there to make sure there are no cheaters within the Travian world. For every server, there are around 2-4 Multihunters. They ultimately consult the official rules before a decision is made, and they also have access to the Admin Control Panel. Players are meant to report anybody to the Multihunters who they suspect have broken the rules.
    Supporters are responsible for answering the questions of players. There is a ‘Supporter’ account in existence of every server, in which they would answer your queries. They, however, have no administrative powers in servers, so cannot perform the tasks of Multihunters.

    How can I contact the crew in-game?
    Each server in Travian has Crew Alliance with Crewmembers; therefore you can easily find people who are in the crew. Inside the .COM servers, crew alliances are named ‘sX-team (Note: X being the server number you play in). IMPORTANT: If anybody claims they are in the crew team, but not within the alliance, then please report them to a Multihunter in your server! You can achieve this by the following steps:
    1. Click the Statistics button, and then click the ‘Alliance’ link.

    2. Type in ‘sX-team’, and click okay.

    3. You get a result showing the Server Crew alliance. Select it.

    4. Scrolling down, you shall see the Supporters and Multihunters of the server.

    5. Click either a Multihunter or Supporter, depending on what query you have. Then click ‘Message this player’ to send the selected Crew member your query. NOTE: Messages sent to ‘away’ will not be answered.

    Inside .COM, crew members prefer that you use the Support function to ask your queries. Using this function, Supporters and Multihunters get their work evenly distributed. This means they can answer your queries faster.
    To do that, follow the following:
    1. On the left hand menu, click ‘Support’

    2. Click the appropriate link to address the appropriate people concerned.

    What is the best way to report a player who is breaking the rules?
    It is can happen naturally that you stumble upon someone who starts insulting you, or you might even discover a group of players who are doing illegal actions. These happening should be addressed to a Mutltihunter, and not a Supporter, as only Multihunters can check the activities of individual players. Here, I give a demonstration of how to report players in the best manner possible, to make things easier for you and the Multihunter.
    1. When you open a message that is insulting to you, check for the message ID number on the URL part of your browser. Note this down.

    2. Following the steps you read previously, begin writing a message to a Multihunter.
    3. It is important to include the ID numbers of the messages concerned. When writing to a Multihunter, include as much detail as possible, and write in the best English you can. Here is an example:

    4. REMEMBER: Sending your query to multiple Multihunters would not speed up the process of answering your query. Sending your message to one Multihunter is enough.

    HELP I AM BANNED! What do I do now?
    As a player, it is natural to have a possibility of being banned. When this happens, you cannot do anything, except send messages. But what do you have to do in order to resume playing?
    1. When you wish to perform an action other than messaging (e.g. Attacking, upgrading) you will be redirected to the page below. The message will tell you which Multihunter banned you, so therefore you should send the message to that specific Multihunter. It is meant that you message a Multihunter to resolve this problem before proceeding with the game.

    2. If you did not receive a message on why you got banned, then click the ‘>> Write message’ link in big bold font type as shown above. Let them know you write to ask why you are banned, and how it could be resolved. Keep in mind of the following points:
    a. You will NEVER be banned without explanation. Think for yourself the possibilities of why you could be banned and explain to the Multihunter how that could happen.
    b. Mutlihunters will always have proof enforcing your ban, so therefore always tell the truth.
    c. Be co-operative in working towards a solution. This may dampen the ban length.
    d. If the Multihunter did not immediately answer your query, then he/she maybe offline. Your problem would not be processed faster if you message multiple multihunters.
    e. If the ban really had been unjustly, approach the Multihunter in an appropriate manner.

    Quickly making contact the crewmembers: IRC
    A message in-game can always take some time before it is replied. Therefore, Travian has set up a network to allow players to chat with each other, as well as with crewmembers. A lot of people use this because it is easier to establish contact with one another, and also because of faster response. Crew members are often also online there and therefore the chances of getting answers quickly are higher. Please note: Bans may NEVER discussed on Irc, Multihunters will never answer you about those issues. Here, I explain how to access the IRC server in a few easy steps (NOTE: You must have Java installed on your computer to use this chat!)

    1. Click the ‘Chat’ link on your left hand side

    2. Allow the *****t to load. Afterwards, these menu should show up:

    3. There would be three default public channels for you to talk in: #travian,, #travian will connect to players around the world, while will only connect you to the .COM server. is the place to ask questions of Travian.

    Frequently asked questions:
    Q. I have messaged a crew member in-game, but he doesn’t respond. What should I do?
    A. Crew members are required to answer messages within a 24 hours time period. If your message did not exceed this limit, then please remain patient, as it just complicates the problems. If, however, the message still did not get a reply after 24 hours, then you are permitted to send a second message. If exceed a 48 hours time period, then you are allowed to message the Game Admin directly.

    Q. I have a complaint against a crewmember. What should I do?
    A. It is natural you may feel dissatisfied against the services which a crewmember provides you. These cases can be reported to the Game Admin, and shall work out a resolution with you.

    Q. Is it possible to attack a Crewmember?
    A. It is not possible to attack crewmembers, as they are often banned.
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