Guide to posting good ideas

Original guide by N-2the-ick, on the .NL forum (
Translation by Nubbles, on the .COM forum

To begin with: This is not a thread to enforce and rules or laws. It is rather a guide that we, the crew, would like you to follow whenever you wish to submit an idea to improve Travian.
You do not have to follow this guideline, but as a result, the chances of your ideas not getting pass on to the main Travian headquarters is therefore minimal.
But okay, you have a splendid suggestion in mind! Good for you! But before you post your idea, let’s see if your idea matches the following criteria...

Guideline one: Be as clear as possible
Speaks for itself; just be clear on what you say. But what do we mean by ‘be clear’?
Well, that is actually quite easy to answer: Make sure your suggestion is well structured. Explain what you hope to achieve through this suggestion and how this idea will achieve a better game play. Oh, and another important point: Avoiding spelling errors at all cost! That also means to have a understandable title!

Guideline two: Think about how worthwhile your suggestion is
Now this relates back to how related your suggestion is to Travian. An improvement to the game should always have clear benefits towards the game. It has to be something fun, and it also has to be something original. Examples of this would be the recent additions to the Gauls and Romans, the Trapper and The Horse Drinking Trough. These additions are completely original and give a new dimension to the game.
This is often the reason why a lot of ideas never got approved by the Headquarters. The function of the suggestion/idea is often well thought out, but they just lack the extra something of ‘creating a new dimension’ for the game. Suggestions which lack this important point would almost impossible to get approved.
Therefore, think for yourself: How worthwhile would this suggestion be for Travian?

Guideline three: The mechanics of the game
Another point which often makes a good idea fall into a pile of crap is that, although they do bring lots of interesting things for the community, but is not achievable with the technology which Travian is written in. For example, a lot of people suggested putting Archers in the game.
Although the idea of Archers would be a nice addition, but it comes with quite a lot of negative aspects; for example ‘How does a soldier protects itself from arrows shot from distances away?’ The programmers would have to make a new defence value against archers for each unit, take into account the distance at which the archers are firing, what the offence value of the Archers, how the Combat should go etc. It simply is too time consuming.
In other words, although the addition of Archers would be great, it is impossible to develop because too much change will occur.
Ask yourself: ‘Would my idea imbalance the current mechanics of the game drastically?’

Guideline four: Realistically speaking…
What we come across from time to time is people requesting that we should put Bazookas, Jedi, Darth Vader etc. into the game, while forgetting that Travian is set in a time around 2000 years back in time. We could not have an energy shield inside the Medieval Ages, can we? Therefore, think about whether your idea is suitable for the time at which Travian is set.
That’s about the most important criteria needed when thinking about the idea. One last thing to keep in mind is you need to convince/persuade anybody who is against your idea. Keep in mind that your ideas may take years to be implanted, as well.

We hope that this guide has given you a better idea on how to propose an idea. Remember the following points:
- Does my idea look clean, tidy and organized?
- Is my suggestion worthwhile?
- Does my idea dramatically affect the mechanics of the game?
- Is my idea realistic?
If your ideas comply with these four points, do not be afraid to post your ideas! Good suggestions are always welcome in the forum.

Kind regards,
The Travian Team.