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    Default [Guide] Endgame Guide

    This is a complete and in-depth guide to the Endgame. Many questions get asked about Endgame. This guide seeks to delve much further into the endgame than anyone has ever gone before. It is extremely thorough and lengthy, so pour yourself a cup of coffee.

    Table of Contents:

    Section 1- Introduction to the Endgame
    -Definition of Endgame
    -General Natar Information
    -General WW and TC Information

    Section 2- Generic Specifics
    -Meta Alliances
    -Pushing Rules

    Section 3- Actual Specifics
    -WW Village Specifics (including troop counts)
    -Natar Plan Village Specifics

    Section 4- Additional Specifics
    -WW and Plan Village Similarities and Differences
    -Natar Attacks
    -The Natar Capital

    Section 5- Strategies
    -How to Keep your Plans
    -WW Village Tribe Choice Discussion

    Section 6- Additional Strategy
    -What Buildings to Target with a WW Hammer

    Section 7- Even More Strategy
    -Wonder Building Philosophies

    Section 8- The Tribes
    -Tribe Defensive Troop Discussion
    -Tribe Offensive Troop Discussion
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