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Thread: Town Template

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    Lightbulb Town Template

    I'd love to have the ability to impose a template on a town after capturing it from an opponent. Where one places buildings in a town tends to be common in all towns one starts. However everybody is different. On towns that I didn't build all the buildings are in some strange place. Where it's placed in a town has no effect on the game just the experience.

    2 options:
    1 - Manual move - IE: after selecting a building and have the option to swap it with another.

    2 - Automatic template: Create a template (IE: Military buildings go in the west quadrant. Res in south...) then after selecting a town with the click of a button the town is resorted by the template. Feel free to make this plus option.

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    I like this. However, it should be open to all players for until 24 hours after they caputre that specific city, then it becomes a plus option.

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    In the interest of generating a Revenue stream, we could allow the manual swaps for free players and plus players that don't want to spend the gold.

    Make the Template based swap available to Plus players only.

    Here's detail on how the Template would work...

    1- Go to your Plus/gold page. Pay x gold to "create/Change a town template".
    2 - You'll be taken to a view that looks like an empty /new town.
    3 - Place buildings as if you were building them. - No RES costs Everything available.
    4 - After you capture a town, select it and go to PLUS/Gold.
    5 - Click option to "apply Template"
    6 - All those buildings that exist in the template are automatically re-positioned. All those that are not are repositioned into the blank spaces where there was a building mismatch.

    7- Allow player to do the manual re-positon/swap.

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    I think it's a really good idea, though all my villages turn out differently I would still love to be able to manualy swap building positions

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    This would be great for all of those out there like me who have OCDs about this sort of thing.
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    How would the swap work? It could make the game slower with extra files needed to download to display the page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by t7seven7t View Post
    How would the swap work? It could make the game slower with extra files needed to download to display the page.
    The cost to display a page is not going to be modified.

    The server allready memorate the position of each building for every town.

    This is a good ideea. When you have 30 villages is very hard to make a party for exemple in every village. You have to find Town Hall in 30 different villages.

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    This is a good idea... I always hate it when I have to search around for things because they arent in my normal place...
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    Quote Originally Posted by t7seven7t View Post
    How would the swap work?
    See above post.

    Quote Originally Posted by t7seven7t View Post
    It could make the game slower with extra files needed to download to display the page.
    The only additional costs would be programming the pages/scripts to do the Swaps and the additional page loads when actually doing the swap(s).

    Unless I miss my guess, When you build a town it has predefined a number of "slots" 1 per build location and one per res/field. When clicking on a "building" you're actually clicking a slot which holds a link to the building in question. So "swapping" buildings really is just swapping the link identifiers cintained in the slots.

    The biggest "trick" would be to make the swaps Atomic/Synchronized so you can't get a half swap completed. Otherwise cheaters would swap a completed structure with an empty slot and force it to fail half way through -- Cloning the "structure".

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    Wouldn't a template be hard becuase of the variety of buildings that a village may or may not have (i.e. the village you try to apply the template to had a great barracks, template didn't have a great barracks listed). I think the manual swapping is a great idea though.
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