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  1. yes. This is very important idea. Lots of people...

    yes. This is very important idea. Lots of people dont use trade routes only because it is very lengthy process. If we get something like dropdown menu to "select village" and when we add that...
  2. 100% Right...!

    I support giving Defense Medals/Points for Defenders.

    Its upto Travian guys to decide how to give points and whom to give.

    According to me,

    Give points to the Village Owner where Fight took...
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    I dont understand your point. whatever you are...

    I dont understand your point. whatever you are saying is already known everyone.

    I dont see any loss in allowing multiple marketplace. if there is any, please let us know..
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    Multiple MarketPlace Buildings..

    It would be very Nice if Travian added capability to Build Multiple (more than one) market place in 1 village like we build many Warehouses, Granaries, Crannies, Trappers.

    I think it is very easy...
  5. Thread: Travian 5

    by abhijeetcn

    Celebration Costs

    Please reduce Celebration costs to or below old Travian 3 costs.
    Travian 4 celebration costs are very high. Its very unfair for average players who don't raid much and is also kind of frustrating.....
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